How to Cut Maintenance and Licensing by 20-30% by Standardising Your Migrations (Case Study)

Post Date: 11/17/2022
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Case Study – Eighty20 Solutions

The Challenge

Eighty20 Solutions are experts in migration, moving an average of 1-2TB a day and performing hundreds of migrations per year for their clients. The IT consultants were experiencing some issues with previous migration tools that were impacting the quality of the service they were providing.

Primarily, a lack of timely support. “We have found that when issues occur with a migration, there is a need for urgent support,” explains Terry Antoniou, Head of Technology and Solutions at Eighty20 Solutions. “If support is predominantly offshore, there is often a lag in turning around changes.”

Additionally, they wanted more from their migration tooling. For example, they wanted customisations without delays and a tool that could scale with the complexity of modern migrations. They also saw value in a single tool that could migrate all data sources, whether tenant-to-tenant or from a different platform, to provide consistent results across all clients.

Eighty20 sought to find a provider that could offer just that.

avepoint fly

The AvePoint Solution

When Eighty20 discovered AvePoint – who they already had a relationship with – offered local support, they decided to fully convert to AvePoint’s migration solution, Fly. The support, paired with the fast customisations and ability to scale, was a major selling point for Eighty20.

“With Fly, we’re able to scale migrations without adding complexity or deploying lots of hosts,” says Terry. “We’re also able to log a case and troubleshoot quickly. If there’s a need to make a change, we can almost do that on the fly.”

Fly delivers a three-step approach – via a self-guided tool or with help from AvePoint – to migrate on-premises or cloud-hosted mail, content, and collaboration into Microsoft 365 or SharePoint. Data can be migrated from existing Microsoft accounts or from SaaS providers such as Box, Google Drive, and Slack.

Eighty20 has used Fly for many different migrations. Recently, they helped a customer migrate Exchange and OneDrive data from one tenant to another. The customer needed to move 2,500 users and 100 TB of data with zero disruptions to their customer base. They were able to do a full migration of all users in one batch, including identity and mail routing changes, and accommodate for the domain transfer at the same time. “We were able to plan, build, and migrate with very few issues and zero disruptions to our customer’s business,” Terry says.

The IT consultants are happy with their decision to standardise to Fly. “We can be confident in the capabilities of the tool and double down on training our team on the tool’s function, capabilities, and output,” Terry explains. “By creating a repeatable process, we are able to drive highly efficient and automated output, which ultimately saves us and our customers time, money, and most importantly, impact.”

They are also pleased with their partnership with AvePoint. “Our experience working with AvePoint and their customer service has been superb,” says James Paek, Eighty20’s Microsoft Alliance Director. “The exceptional support, backed by an incredibly talented partner team, has allowed the partnership to grow and prosper into a long-standing, mutually valuable relationship.”

The Bottom Line

Standardising their migrations to Fly has benefited Eighty20. “We strategically aligned our licensing model with AvePoint, which allows us to buy at scale, reducing overall costs to us and standardising our deployment model, sizing and scaling migration throughout. This enables us to reduce the overall effort to achieve the same result; by rough order, we see savings of approximately 20-30% in maintenance and licensing.”

Thanks to their decision to choose Fly as their migration tool, Eighty20 has also established a great working relationship with the AvePoint team.

Terry’s advice to other managed service providers: “While there are many other vendors out there that offer similar solutions, in our professional assessments, AvePoint is the most superior when considering all the products on offer.”

Eighty20 Solutions Cuts Maintenance and Licensing by 20-30% by Standardising their Migrations with AvePoint Fly

Eighty20 Solutions

Eighty20 Solutions, an IT Services and Consulting company headquartered in Sydney, are Cloud Transformation specialists. They have a proven history in running large transformations and highly complex engagements for top-tier, blue-chip customers, successfully delivering over $400m in Modern Workplace transformations.

One of the top Microsoft Gold Partners in Australia, they have the expertise to construct a solution or service that meets specific requirements and business needs while providing thought leadership and embedding themselves as a trusted partner, advisor, and integrator.

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