AvePoint’s First-Ever Global Partner Co-Sellebration Day

Post Date: 10/28/2021
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The first ever AvePoint Global Partner Co-Sellebration Day took place earlier this month, and we couldn’t be happier with the results as the first event of its kind. The premise was simple: an international day dedicated to outbound prospecting where we could work directly with our Channel partners to generate leads while having a bit of fun in the process. Combining our partner co-sell sales motion with wanting to “celebrate” our new partnerships, the concept for a Co-Sellebration Day was born. Across the US, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, we came together with our partners to make an impact.

Preparation & Follow Through

To prepare for the event, our local teams met with partners ahead of time to plan out scripts for calls, discuss follow-up strategies (scheduling a demo, setting up an appointment, and so on), and talk through which database they’d be using to log their results. Be they existing customers or prospects, we were ready to help.

Logistically, we also planned out a variety of contests, rewards, and catering to make the day fun and engaging for all attendees. In a number of cases in different parts of the world, our local sales and channel team members travelled onsite to spend the day at distributor and partner offices, working in person alongside partner sellers (all the while respecting local COVID guidelines).

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Once Global Partner Co-Sellebration Day started, we supported our partners by giving them the chance to shadow members of our sales team and participate in joint calls together. The overall goal was to mutually prospect and build pipeline.

After the event wrapped, we followed up with partners to track any leads created during the day. This was a great chance for attendees to work directly with our account executives, systems engineers, and partner account managers to build the business.


So, just how successful was AvePoint’s first Global Partner Co-Sellebreation Day? Here’s a quick breakdown of what we accomplished:

  • 36 partners and distributors that participated from around the world
  • 154 follow-up actions (appointments, meetings, calls) generated
  • 89 new sales opportunities*

*Our groups in Germany and Canada we especially successful in building sales pipeline.

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The Future of Co-Sellebration Day

Looking ahead, we’re planning to take our learnings from this test run and continue to hold these events for our partners the world over. The goal going forward will be two Global Partner Co-Sellebration Days per year to give our teams enough time to plan while still being often enough to have a positive impact for our partners and their business.

Other plans for future Co-Sellebration Days include:

  • Working with a tracking platform to keep a more consistent tally of our milestones throughout the day
  • New incentives and rewards for our partners for participating
  • Working with more regions to hold the event in-person (local regulations permitting)
  • More engagement with the management of our partners throughout the day
  • Having an even higher percentage of our Account Executives and Solution Engineers participating in future events

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Closing Thoughts

With AvePoint’s recent focus on Channel, we hope that events like Global Partner Co-Sellebration Day will be a fun and effective way to help our partners be successful while cementing the AvePoint brand as part of the Channel ecosystem. From working directly on the ground with partners to extending our outreach with #CoSellebrationDay social media campaigns, we’re proud of how the first event turned out and are excited to see how it grows in the future!

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Jason is the former Senior Vice President of Global Channel & Partner Ecosystems at AvePoint.

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