How to Accelerate Your Digital Growth with AvePoint 

Post Date: 03/24/2022
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Since launching our partner program last summer, the response from the Partner community has exceeded our expectations. That being said, there still exists a tremendous opportunity for new and existing partners to build solutions and services for their customers leveraging AvePoint solutions.  

From Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to Value Added Resellers (VARs) to Cloud Consultants, our channel partners are constantly looking for ways that they can better serve the needs of their customers – but new offerings also need to make business sense. 

Across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem there is no other solution provider that can match AvePoint’s experience and product portfolio. From migration to backup and restore, from policies and insights to governance and compliance, and from records management to license management and overall SaaS operations, AvePoint has the leading solutions that you need to drive the next wave of your business growth. 


Meeting the Evolving Needs of Customers 

Over the past two years, we’ve talked extensively about how the business climate is changing and hybrid work has become the new normal. For most companies, the path to the cloud has accelerated their digital transformation. Whether this is the “new normal” for the modern workplace, or we return to some degree to previous operating models, the ways in which we work have changed: 

  • Collaboration has become essential to business. While most organizations have embraced collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom, sharing files and data is typically a disjointed and inconsistent experience. Which version are we working on? What is the state of my workflow? Why are people attaching files to emails instead of links to shared resources for proper co-authoring? What is the right way to include external players in a safe and secure manner?  
  • Shadow IT has become more pronounced. The more dispersed and disjointed our collaboration activities, the more likely we have a “Shadow IT” problem – when employees use unauthorized and possibly less secure and compliant tools and services.  We want our employees to be safe, secure and compliant, but if they are using tools that we cannot see or manage, how do we mitigate the risks to the company?   
  • Resources are dispersed across multiple systems, tools, and geographies. While we want to support our employees so that they can be productive, supporting dispersed resources means higher IT costs, the creation of data siloes within each of these systems, and difficulty in ensuring consistent use and best practices across the organization.   
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) adds even more complexity. Organizations benefit from having their frontline workers participate in collaborative activities with the rest of the workforce, but remote users have a difficult time accessing the various information siloes, making it incredibly difficult to support, much less integrate with outside vendors and contractors. 


Customers have become reliant on SaaS solutions to drive their businesses – and they’re looking for service providers who can help them more quickly leverage the power of the cloud and add immediate business value.  

Companies need help consolidating their data, moving from outdated platforms and disparate cloud platforms to streamline their data – and simplify the employee experience. They also need help protecting their data from fear of accidental deletion, rogue applications, malicious activities, and prolonged outages. And they need help optimizing and securing their data to ensure that their systems and data can scale and meet the future needs of the business. 

That’s where AvePoint can help. 

Accelerating Partner Growth 

AvePoint is in a unique position. With early investments in the cloud, and as the largest Microsoft 365 data management ISV in the world, no other company has our breadth and depth within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This translates into business opportunities for our partners.  

How can we accelerate your growth? By helping your customers consolidate their data, protect their data, and secure and optimize their data.  

In a new webinar series launching March 29th and targeting MSPs, the AvePoint team will share specific strategies for enhancing and extending the services that our MSP partners provide. The intent of this series is to help our partner to grow their businesses.  

Here’s a brief overview of what will be covered in this series: 

How to Grow Your Business with AvePoint

Looking for ways to increase your MSP services revenue? In this session, learn how to leverage AvePoint’s advanced SaaS & data management platform to offer your customers security and management for Microsoft 365, Teams, Dynamics, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

How to Grow Your Business with a Collaboration Security Practice

When it comes to your customer’s M365 collaboration, who is watching how sensitive data is being moved, shared, or accessed internally and externally? Join us as our experts share how to grow & protect your customers with M365 Risk Management.

How to Grow Your Business with a Backup & Restore Practice

The rush to cloud has triggered an increase in ransomware attacks, permissions fiascos and user errors. Learn how and why your customers need to have a multi-saas backup strategy across their cloud platforms.

How to Grow Your Business with Migration Practice

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to scope migration projects with your customers, and how you can leverage AvePoint tools to boost profitability.

How to Grow Your Business with Management Practice

Learn how you can improve your internal efficiency and productivity with simple, scalable multi-tenant management. 

If you would like to grow your business, there are several ways in which you can take immediate action: 

  1. Watch these on-demand webinars: 
  2. Sign up as an AvePoint partner (if you have not already done so) 
  3. Download a trial version of one or more of our solutions 
  4. Contact our team for a demo and to discuss our partner program 

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