How to Access Unlimited Retention for Office 365 Data (Case Study)

Post Date: 05/15/2020
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Case Study – Symphogen

The Challenge

Symphogen started their cloud journey on a hybrid path, first moving their email to Office 365 and then taking advantage of SharePoint online.

When creating their list of requirements for an Office 365 backup product. Symphogen knew that they had to find a solution that met their indefinite retention policy.

“Being in the pharmaceutical industry, we need to have an unlimited retention policy because of the sensitive data that we work with daily,” said Carsten Højgaard, infrastructure architect at Symphogen.

Since Microsoft only backs up deleted Office 365 data for a maximum of 93 days, Carsten knew they would need a third-party solution to meet their internal data retention policies.

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The AvePoint Solution

Symphogen chose AvePoint as its third party backup solution because of the ability to meet their unlimited retention policy. The company is currently using Cloud Backup to store data from SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.

The organization is currently backing up 1.2 TB of SharePoint Online data and approximately 15 TB of Exchange data. Rather than bring their own storage, Symphogen decided to leverage AvePoint’s Azure storage for their backups.

“Overall it was easy to set up and has been running without any issues since we initially set it up,” stated Carsten.

The Bottom Line

While the organization has not had any data loss events since utilizing Cloud Backup, they have run several tests. This has included recovering a full mailbox, which worked perfectly.

Symphogen plans on expanding the data they are backing up to Cloud Backup as they move more of their business into the cloud.

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“We are planning on moving to Microsoft Teams and plan on leveraging Cloud Backup when we make that move,” stated Carsten “We are planning on moving as much into Office 365 as possible. Our goal is to go fully into the cloud.”

Symphogen is looking forward to their Teams transition and how AvePoint’s Cloud Backup aligns with their roadmap.

“AvePoint’s Cloud Backup is ahead of our roadmap with their Teams Cloud Backup solution. It will be easy for us to transition to Teams and protect that data right away,” explained Carsten.

Overall, Symphogen is extremely pleased with its Cloud Backup investment.

“AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution continues to work without any hassle. The return on investment is fantastic because it frees up a lot of my time to work on more critical tasks” stated Carsten.


About Symphogen

Symphogen is a biotechnology company founded in 2000, located in Ballerup, Denmark. Their main areas of therapeutic research are oncology and immune-oncology.

The company has a patented antibody platform named Symplex, that delivers antibodies with unique functionalities. Symphogen has around 100 employees, of which 80% are engaged in research and development.

Read the full case study here.

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