Microsoft 365 Community Talks: A Must-See Industry Event

Post Date: 11/20/2020
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It always helps to learn from the best. That’s why AvePoint is teaming up with some of the industry’s most respected voices to hold a series of Microsoft 365 Community Talks.

This two-day event kicks off Tuesday, December 8th at 10 am EST and features over 15 industry-leading professionals. Sessions will cover all the hottest modern workplace and digital collaboration topics, from navigating Microsoft Teams Rooms to thriving in the remote workplace.

Read on for a handful of session summaries for a taste of what’s to come, and don’t forget to reserve your spot online!

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Well-being Through Self-care: Starting Your Day with Positive Momentum by Stephanie Donahue

Well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. In a society where endless opportunity means there’s always something more to work towards, we often forget to slow down and take care of ourselves. Join my talk for some quick tips on how to avoid burnout and improve your well-being by defining your morning routine.

The Evolution of Office 365: The Past, Present, and Future! by Gokan Ozcifci

Microsoft 365 is becoming the most popular cloud productivity platform in the world, and with Microsoft’s investments in security and certifications, it’s now being adopted not only by enterprises but by government organizations as well. Moving to the cloud comes with multiple key benefits, but the challenges are being omitted.

In this TEDx-style talk, you’ll see the advantages of all new stacks but also the roadmap of Microsoft 365 from where we come and where we go. This talk focalizes on all interested parties who might be interested in the whole Microsoft 365 suite, the evolution, and those who want to build their Digital Workplace in Microsoft’s cloud.

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Microsoft Teams Rooms: Your Ticket Through the New Normal by Sven Seidenberg

The coronavirus is creating a new normal for all of us. Increases and decreases in cases made for an ever-changing workplace in many organizations. Rising cases forced us to work from home, and decreasing numbers sometimes allowed us to get back to our previous working habits.

These hybrid meetings became a natural part of our workday and surely will continue to be in the future. But have you ever tried taking part in a discussion being “the laptop in the room?” Microsoft Teams Rooms offers some cool devices and features that will help you through the new normal!

The Right Approach and Starting Point for Cloud Services by Robert Hedblom

As many have found out throughout the years, cloud services can be very beneficial from both economical ease of life perspectives (in the case of admins). The major concern, though, is that people trust cloud services so much that they forget about the most basic approaches.

Join us for this session where Robert Hedblom (AvePoint Community Champion and 10-year awarded Microsoft MVP) will share his experiences from the fields where companies have made the wrong turn and ended up in a severe bad state.

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From Outlook to Teams, How to Reinvent the Way We Work by Patrick Guimonet

We should all think about how we work on a daily basis. Messaging tools like Outlook are clearly still very popular, but we need to make a place for collaboration tools like Teams as well. Teams has two faces: it’s both a communication tool (great for meeting and chat) and a collaboration tool (in the Teams space). Check out this session for tips on how to reinvent the way you work in Office 365.

The 5 Steps to Using Microsoft Teams as Your Workday Hub by Paul Dredge

Teams is being adopted by many organizations, but it’s being used for more than instant messages and as a meeting platform. In this session, I’m going to talk through the 5 steps to using Teams as your workday hub.

I’ll also show how to get more from Microsoft Teams when using the team workspace area as your place of work. You’ll learn how to make use of Team channels, tabs, document libraries, and automation, and by the end you’ll leave knowing how to best utilize Microsoft Teams to streamline your workflows.

Practicing Change in a Remote Workplace by Adam Levithan

Launching an initiative? Maintaining your corporate culture online? We’ll discuss current communication styles and how to constantly practice change to support corporate goals alongside individuals’ shifting expectations.

Conquer Teams Sprawl by Eric Overfield

Did a rush to Teams implementation for remote work leave your organization with a bit of a mess? Are you overwhelmed by Teams sprawl? Join Microsoft Regional Director & MVP @ericoverfield as he walks you through 5 practical tips to regaining control of your Teams environment.

For the full list of sessions (including the APAC session schedule) check out the full lineup here!

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