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Microsoft SharePoint Security Management and Beyond with AvePoint

Customers come to AvePoint with a huge variety of needs for their Microsoft SharePoint deployments. Anyone who has worked with SharePoint will tell you that no two deployments are the same. In order to meet those needs thoroughly and prepare SharePoint for its inevitable growth and evolution in the future, AvePoint offers the award-winning DocAve Software Platform. DocAve features more than 30 fully integrated solutions that can be deployed independently based on a customer’s specific governance and infrastructure management needs.

Of our more than 8,000 customers across the globe, many have approached AvePoint with the need to simplify management of security settings and permissions on the platform. These customers have found great success with DocAve Administrator, which allows them to save time by harnessing DocAve’s intuitive interface and complete control over SharePoint content, configurations, and security across single or multiple farms.

Of course, many of those customers will tell you that their needs simply do not stop at security management. Thorough protection of business-critical data, storage optimization to maintain maximum performance, and help meeting compliance objectives on the platform are also critical in order to maximize SharePoint’s value to the business and scale for future growth. Let’s allow those customers to speak for themselves and share their own stories. Check out the following case studies, where customers found success with SharePoint security management and so much more with DocAve:

· Lassonde Industries saves hours managing security settings for end-users and performs full-fidelity backup of its important SharePoint content on a scheduled basis.

· Prairie South School Division applies bulk permissions in seconds, seamlessly copies sites between test and production environments, offloads files larger than 1 MB to SAN storage while retaining end-user access through SharePoint, and audits end-user interaction to plan for the deployment’s future while increasing adoption.

· River East Transcona School Division implements permission sets for more than a 1,000 sites, allows end-users to access more than 600 GB of file share content from anywhere through SharePoint without the need for migration, and deploys custom solutions to more than 800 sites.

· SFR administrators propagate security changes to hundreds of sites at once, meet compliance objectives with help from customized reports, synchronize SharePoint data across four web front ends, swiftly recover data, and empower end-users to easily manage content in their own site collections.

Want to see more? Visit our case studies site to see how other customers fulfilled their most urgent SharePoint needs and prepared for future of their deployments with DocAve. Have your own success story to tell? Let us know in the comments below!

Franklin T.
Franklin T.
In his former role as Director of Communications, Franklin was responsible for increasing brand awareness across all AvePoint's digital properties.


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