Introducing DocAve Online Service Pack 1

Post Date: 07/23/2013
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I’m pleased to announce that the latest version of DocAve Online is available with DocAve Online Service Pack (SP) 1. When we launched DocAve Online in April, one of our goals was to make sure we rapidly iterate and deploy new features frequently in order to enable our customers to manage and protect their Office 365 environment better than ever before. Delivering on that promise, I’m proud to introduce our latest capability: Exchange Online Backup & Restore. With this functionality, DocAve Online’s powerful granular backup now extends to critical data living in Exchange Online, such as Lync conversations, contacts, calendar items, and, of course, email. In the same way that DocAve Online protects your business critical SharePoint content, we can now backup this vital Exchange Online data to Windows Azure, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Rackspace, or any other storage location accessible over Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The ability to granularly restore your content is also carried over from our SharePoint Online backup solution, meaning you can restore just your contacts or calendar items without touching your inbox. Other key features of this update include simplified replication and synchronization of content; customizable scheduling; and the ability to copy, move, migrate and restructure SharePoint sites, content, and configurations within or across SharePoint sites while preserving all associated permissions and metadata. I’m also happy to share that we have a lot on the horizon for DocAve Online. In the future, our robust reporting solution DocAve Report Center will be added to the product along with other exciting features. In much the same way that Microsoft continues to add new features to its own cloud offerings, we will be offering new functionality at an accelerated pace. For more information on DocAve Online SP 1, please visit our website. As an added bonus, any organization signing up for three years of service with DocAve Online will receive six months at no cost. Please contact our experienced sales team for more information.

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