AIIM Conference 2024: AvePoint Celebrates as a Diamond Sponsor

Post Date: 04/12/2024
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The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) Conference was back and just as engaging as ever! The AIIM Conference 2024, held on April 3-5 in San Antonio, Texas, was a gathering of information leaders from across industries to discuss the rise of AI adoption and the role of information managers as “Guardians of the Future.” 

As a diamond sponsor, AvePoint was thrilled to participate in this year’s gathering of the brightest minds in the industry. At the conference, AvePoint engaged with attendees in a variety of exciting ways: 

A Keynote Session with Alyssa Blackburn: Being of Service in an AI Era 

AvePoint’s director of information management strategy, Alyssa Blackburn, who also serves on the AIIM Board of Directors, delivered a powerful keynote address at the AIIM Conference 2024.  

Alyssa delivers her keynote session at the AIIM Conference 2024

In this session, Alyssa dived deep into the current state of information management and how organizations are keeping up with AI. She also shared best practices for building an effective information management framework for AI readiness. 

She highlighted how organizations are struggling to keep pace with the data explosion and the rise of AI and emphasized the importance of proactive, strategic information management in unlocking the full potential of AI and steering organizations toward success in this transformative era. 

Read our blog post recapping the keynote session for more details on Alyssa’s insights. 

Demo Session with Bruce Berends: Saving Money with Information Management 

AvePoint’s product strategy lead, Bruce Berends, took the stage to share his expertise on delivering cost savings through effective information lifecycle management. Bruce’s engaging presentation first explored the current significant data storage, challenge, taking the group through the ramifications that cloud storage has brought with it. 

Bruce shares valuable insights during his demo session

Bruce discussed these challenges, which range from spiraling storage costs, to compliance risks, and of course, the impact on the quality of AI-generated content. This is where the “information management fairies” step in to solve complex cloud-based problems and bring tangible benefits to their organizations, such as: 

  • Reduced storage costs: Guiding organizations to avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary storage expenses and maintain a lean and cost-effective data environment. 
  • Optimized performance: Gain performance enhancements that come with proper data archiving.   
  •  Compliance and reduced risk: Protect against the storms of legal risks and strategically minimize potential legal entanglements and their hefty costs. 

Bruce demonstrated how the powerful capabilities of AvePoint Opus, such as automated data classification, workflows, and auditing, enable information managers to be the heroes in this new age of exponential data growth. 

Round Table: AI and Information Management Report 2024 

In collaboration with AIIM and the Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL), AvePoint released a comprehensive report exploring the critical relationship between AI and information management at the conference!  

The report paints a sobering picture: as organizations rush to embrace the transformative power of AI, they are confronting long-standing information management challenges that have been swept under the rug. With data left unmanaged and a lack of fundamental information management practices like information lifecycle policies, organizations risk breeding inefficiencies, errors, and costly risks.  

The round table discussion underscored the vital role that information managers play in guiding organizations through this AI-driven landscape. By aligning information management processes with the requirements of successful AI adoption, information managers can help unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge technology while mitigating the associated risks. 

Want to explore these key insights in-depth? Download the eBook to learn more. 


AvePoint Booth Presents More Fun! 

In true AvePoint fashion, a lively, Texas-themed photo booth marked the company’s presence at the AIIM Conference. Attendees had the opportunity to capture memorable moments with Polaroid photos, enjoy some treats from Australia (everyone loves a TimTam!) as well as have meaningful discussions about the value information management can bring to an organization and how AvePoint can help cement policy and process through technology. 

AvePoint community in their Texas-themed photo booth

Beyond the photo booth, AvePoint employees had a wonderful time attending social events, reconnecting with old friends, and forging new connections within the vibrant AIIM community. As the “Guardians of the Future,” information managers came together to celebrate their pivotal role in shaping the data-driven landscape of tomorrow. 

As the AIIM Conference 2024 drew to a close, AvePoint stood proud to have made a lasting impact through its thought leadership, innovative solutions, and the camaraderie shared with fellow information management professionals.  

‘Til the next AIIM Conference, so long, our Guardians of the Future! 

Sherian Batallones is a Content Marketing Specialist at AvePoint, covering AvePoint and Microsoft solutions, including SaaS management, governance, backup, and data management. She believes organizations can scale their cloud management, collaboration, and security by finding the right digital transformation technology and partner.

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