Story Of My Life: Chad, Technical Support

As a Technical Support Manager, I lead a team of problem-solvers and solution experts. We’re the team that assists our customers with any technical issues they’re facing with our software solutions. Our customers are our priority, so we pride ourselves in our speedy response time while seeking their feedback every step of the way. We’re provided with tons of training and resources to stay on top of the latest technologies, and we’re supported by the company to strive for and earn new industry certifications. Our colleagues across the globe are easily accessible through many different communication channels for support and advice when needed.

I joined AvePoint in August 2016. Although I went to school to become a software developer, my interests after college were to gain experience beyond programming. Throughout my time at AvePoint, I’ve worked with databases, networking, Windows servers, SharePoint, Azure, and a wide breadth of technologies. I’m personally driven to learn as much as I can, to encourage and support my team. Working in Richmond has been rewarding because of our awesome office space and hospitable and friendly people. Outside of the office, you can find me on the tennis court, playing video games, or spending time with friends!

At AvePoint, we’ve built an environment for lifelong learners to go to the next level, sharpen their skillsets, and develop professionally and personally. Small failures are experimental, mentors will guide you, and you’re trusted and empowered to bring your full talents to the table. What will your story be at AvePoint?