SharePoint Success in the South

Post Date: 02/27/2012
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So once again, I’ve had another great week at AvePoint! I spent three days in Texas this week, first in Austin and then in Houston. In Austin, I worked with the Dell Storage Group along with our Co-CEO Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang, Vice President of Product Management John Hodges, Vice President of Product Marketing Mary Leigh Mackie, Vice President of Global Partner Alliances Nathan Trenzinger, and our Dell Partner Account Manager Natalie Longhini formulating with Dell our go-to-market strategy for our partnership here in the US. It’s a huge testament to the AvePoint software and AvePoint as a company to be selected by one of the premier storage vendors in the world to partner with us, and a huge commitment on Dell’s part to work with us worldwide as their SharePoint Solutions Vendor for the SharePoint Infrastructure Optimization initiative. The fact that a multi-billion dollar company, one of the global leaders in enterprise storage, would select AvePoint speaks for itself in once again validating the fact that AvePoint is the premier vendor of governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. In Houston, I had a whirlwind tour with partners to discuss our go-to-market strategy for our Oil and Gas vertical, which I head up as the VP for that group. I’m working with some of the premier systems integrator partners in the world to formulate and execute strategies to generate targeted solutions for this vertical that will meet their dynamic business needs. Then, I headed back to Atlanta and continued to interview people to fuel our relentless expansion in the Southeast/Heartland region, which I also lead here at AvePoint. I look forward to bringing in more members to our AvePoint family to continue bringing the vibrant SharePoint community here the solutions and knowledge they need to be successful. All in all, another great week as an AvePoint executive. ​

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