New Zealand SharePoint Conference Wrap-Up

Post Date: 04/03/2012
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The New Zealand SharePoint Conference, held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland from March 28-29, was a great event for further establishing AvePoint as leaders in the New Zealand market. It was my first visit to New Zealand, and I was overwhelmed by the attendance and conversations I engaged in with the SharePoint community.

The New Zealand community is made up of a diverse range of people with different experiences and involvement with SharePoint. From the conversations I had, I established that the vast majority benefited greatly by attending the keynote sessions and speaker sessions in which AvePoint’s Jeremy Thake was also involved. Jeremy’s topic, “Architecting SharePoint for Scalability and Enforceable Governance”, was the talk of the town. The session generated lots of discussion and forward thinking amongst the community as well as interest from a large number of attendees.

Having attended my first Australian SharePoint Conference the week before, the New Zealand event was even more eye opening for me as it really further uncovered SharePoint’s ability to be a platform which can be used in so many different ways. How one person utilises SharePoint will never be completely the same as another. The conversations we had with attendees were truly encouraging as AvePoint looks to continue its growth in the New Zealand market. The use of AvePoint technology is definitely going to help improve how SharePoint is managed and governed in New Zealand, and there was certainly excitement amongst the New Zealand community about the DocAve 6 and its awesome looking interface and universal cached tree. The integration between DocAve’s solutions is unique in so many different ways, and it’s clear that the New Zealand market is well aware of DocAve’s benefits, which is exciting. In my eyes, the conference was an enormous success and will definitely continue to present AvePoint’s customers a lot of value. I am excited to work closely with our Australasia team and New Zealand business partners (You know who you are J) to add value to the community. It goes without saying that our presence couldn’t have been felt without the work done behind the scenes, in particular our awesome Australasia team who were constantly tweeting to make sure attendees knew where to find us. There are definitely exciting times ahead for AvePoint and the New Zealand SharePoint Community! Did you attend New Zealand SharePoint Conference? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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