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More SharePoint News You Can Use

Throughout our 25 offices in 13 countries across 5 continents, AvePoint lives and breathes Microsoft SharePoint every day. We’ve been doing so since the platform’s inception back in 2001. Because of this, it is essential we keep our fingers on the pulse of all that’s happening within the global SharePoint community. While helping more than 8,000 customers achieve SharePoint success across the globe, we constantly scour the web for the latest and greatest SharePoint content.

Below are just a handful of choice articles from the past few weeks:

· “What’s New in SharePoint Online: November 2011 Update”
No matter how you feel about the cloud, there is no denying that the launch of Microsoft Office 365 has been one of the year’s hottest topics. In light of the recent product update, the SharePoint team put together a helpful overview of all the new features for SharePoint online.

· “How SharePoint is helping change the way we blog”
Another hot topic of 2011 has been SharePoint’s role in enabling the social enterprise. Blogs, Wikis, My Sites, and other SharePoint 2010 functions are all opening new lines of communications amongst knowledge workers. On the SharePoint & Assessment Blog, social media expert Julie Delazyn takes a close look at SharePoint’s blogging function and explains how it’s changing the way we blog.

· “My Top 5 Reasons: Why absolutely everyone should attend a SharePoint Saturday”
It’s no secret that AvePoint adores SharePoint Saturdays. What’s not to love about gatherings almost every weekend worldwide that enable the SharePoint community to come together and share best practices? On, Kim Frehe gives five great reasons why everyone should attend a SharePoint Saturday.

· “Five things I learned from losing my SharePoint farm”
It’s always unfortunate when a member of the SharePoint community experiences a “worst case scenario” with the platform, but fortunate when that experience can be turned into a shared lesson for everyone else. On SharePoint 365, Paul Chapman tells of his harrowing experience losing his SharePoint farm and shares five salient points about the importance of data protection.

Of course, we would be remiss to not share some of the AvePoint content that’s recently been published on the web. You can find links to even more stories on our new AvePoint in the News page on

· “Share the Thanks”
As he travels the globe to deliver SharePoint expertise and work directly with AvePoint customers, MVP Dan Holme still finds time to blog regularly for SharePoint Pro. Last week, he reflected on his time spent with AvePoint customers throughout 2011 in addition other relevant topics including recent discussions on SharePoint governance.

· “Recovery: An ideal SharePoint backup strategy”
For most organizations using SharePoint, data protection is of utmost importance. On Business Computing World, AvePoint VP Sarju Raja recently shared detailed best practices for providing the enterprise-level backup critical business data requires.

· “AvePoint and Dell Storage compression technology help SharePoint users manage Big Data”
Another frequent pain point for organizations using SharePoint is data storage. As recently announced, Dell and AvePoint are working together to make this pain point a thing of the past. On Dell’s community blog, AvePoint VP John Hodges explains how AvePoint and Dell technologies work together to optimize storage and scale SharePoint deployments for future growth.

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Franklin T.
Franklin T.
In his former role as Director of Communications, Franklin was responsible for increasing brand awareness across all AvePoint's digital properties.


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