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Increase Your Chances of Winning Our Ducati at SharePoint Conference 2014 #SPC14

It’s that time once again! Can you feel the buzz? SharePoint Conference (SPC) 2014 has arrived, and – in addition to the fact that the SharePoint community is now descending on Las Vegas in droves – that means we’re just a few days away from giving away our signature red Ducati motorcycle. This year’s bike is a Ducati Monster 696 and, as always, it is a thing of beauty! Feast your eyes on it below:

Ducati Monster 696
Ducati Monster 696

Now that you’ve seen it and imagined yourself riding with the wind blowing through your hair (underneath your helmet, of course!), you want to know how you can win it. Simple! When you check into this year’s event, you will find a ticket with a picture of the bike on it in your bag. Take that ticket and bring it right over to booth 2214 where our team will tear off the stub for you and put you in the running. How easy is that?

But what if I told you there was a way to increase your chances of winning the bike? Of course you’re interested in that, right?

This year we’re offering SPC attendees the chance to increase their odds of taking home the Ducati with three separate ways to collect more tickets! You can find details on each below:

1.       Attend our partner led session and get one extra ticket

2.       View a live demo of AvePoint’s products and get one extra ticket

  • When: Anytime the exhibition hall is open and before 1:30pm on Thursday, March 6
  • Where: AvePoint’s booth (2214)
  • What: We have lots of exciting new products and features to help you maximize your SharePoint investment! See one of our team members at our booth and ask for a demo to see our latest solutions in person.

3.       Give a video testimonial at AvePoint’s booth and get two extra tickets

  • When: 12:30pm to 2pm each day from Monday, March 3 through Wednesday, March 5
  • Where: AvePoint’s booth (2214)
  • What: After viewing a demo of AvePoint’s products, stop by our booth during the times listed above to share your thoughts on camera in a quick and painless five minute interview, which we will post on our AvePoint TV page!

So there you have it! By participating in these activities throughout the conference, your chances of taking home our shiny red bike will grow significantly. Do them all and you’re even more likely to win and ride down the Las Vegas strip in style!

We look forward to seeing you at SPC – to learn about the rest of our special activities, speaking sessions, and book signings at the event, be sure to visit our microsite today.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a bit of SPC history: A video of last year’s Ducati winner at the event. Will you be the one who steps forward with a winning ticket this year? Make sure you’re at booth 2214 at 1:30pm on Thursday, March 6 to find out!

Franklin T.
Franklin T.
In his former role as Director of Communications, Franklin was responsible for increasing brand awareness across all AvePoint's digital properties.


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