In AvePoint’s Own Words: Han Wang

Post Date: 02/07/2012
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This guest blog post from Han Wang, Vice President of Product Management at AvePoint, is part of our “In AvePoint’s Own Words” blog series. Click here for more information. I had the pleasure of attending this year's AvePoint’s Global Management Summit to kick off another record-breaking year. It was an intense meeting where our passion for solving customer problems met the challenges of a rapidly growing company. It was extremely stimulating to hear the perspectives of our leaders as they advocate on behalf of their customers, and challenge each other to take their game to the next level. My personal take-away is to focus beyond our already enterprise-ready product to an aligned enterprise-ready organization consisting of people, products, policies, and process: · People – I oversee internal education and this is a passion of mine, and my team will continue to empower people with the right information at the right time. · Products – Our roadmap for this year is exciting. We’re kicking off with a completely redone version of our flagship solution DocAve, followed up by Governance Automation – which will define what governance for Microsoft® SharePoint® means – and other surprises for the SharePoint community. · Policies and Process – With rapid growth comes growing pains, which is being continuously addressed with just enough internal governance to keep us agile and consistent. Our customers will see better service and offerings across-the-board, as well as an increased emphasis on giving enterprise readiness a human touch. In a company with no shortage of ideas, success will come down to execution. With 10 years of experience of successful execution behind us, I have full confidence of another year of success and fun! ​
By Han W.

Han is AvePoint's Chief Analytics Officer, responsible for digital, data and analytics globally.

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