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Delivering the Future of Proactive Government Today #WPC15

Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2015 is about showing what’s next from Microsoft, and even more so, the future of optimizing productivity. For the public sector, one of the ways Microsoft is driving these innovations is through its CityNext program – which is designed to empower people to make cities safer, smarter, healthier, and modern.

In order to do that, governments must transform from being known as reactive, out-of-touch institutions to forward thinking and proactive. Enabling proactive government is the future of AvePoint Public Sector. What exactly is proactive government? Connecting information, processes, and people to provide new insights, improved service, and greater efficiency.

Winner of the 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Public Sector: Public Safety & National Security, AvePoint Public Sector is a flagship member of Microsoft’s CityNext initiative. We’ve already successfully delivered citizen engagement solutions to governments all over the world, from giving citizens and government stakeholders visibility into projects throughout a state to transforming citywide town hall meetings – and much more. Here’s a short video that gives you a glimpse into how AvePoint Citizen Connect Solutions for CityNext enable a proactive government.

You may watch the video and think, “Well, that’s great – but where do I start? This utopia still seems too far away.” For governments to effectively embrace being proactive, the right business processes and risk management strategies need to be first put into place. This is a critical operational step for creating a foundation that will enable success. It’s not about buying the latest systems and platforms for the sake of buying them. With a mandate to do more with less, many governments – especially at the state and local level – simply don’t have the money to throw at the latest social technologies. It’s integral to have the right processes and buy-in before moving forward.

Once you have that, you’ll find that you can take a fresh look at technology investments you’ve already made. Especially for those using Microsoft technologies, the silver lining is that you have many of the tools to turn these operational steps and aspirations into reality. Using Microsoft technologies – such as Office 365, Azure, Dynamics, Project Server, SharePoint, and Yammer – AvePoint Citizen Connect gives governments a unified system to actively engage constituents, drive transparency, and efficiently communicate citizen service requests from any device, anywhere, at any time.

We recognize that a connected, more proactive government is a government of the future. AvePoint Public Sector wants to be an integral part of this evolution – and by partnering with Microsoft on our Citizen Connect solutions, we’re more excited than ever to help governments around the world transform themselves.

For more about AvePoint Citizen Connect solutions, please visit our website.


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