Office 365 Migration: 4 Essential Questions To Ask Before You Execute

Post Date: 02/23/2018
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So you’re making the jump to Office 365. You know all the benefits that come along with the Microsoft Cloud; low cost, scalable, collaboration tools at your fingertips and it aligns with your IT strategy on what you want to achieve. What else do you need to think about before you make the big move?

  1. How should we plan for our Office 365 migration?

Businesses are often stuck in old outdated systems, looking at Office 365 longing for the features that come along with it, and gone are the days of large overhead costs that come with legacy systems. Well guess what, there’s a 5-step process we’ve proven with multiple customers that will help you lead a successful migration project! Let’s talk about real life migration stories including the struggles, the stresses, and the successes.

  1. How should we protect and secure our content?

Business critical projects, C-level information, confidential HR contracts, and records that need to be kept for years. What will you do if these documents get deleted? IT will be called upon and protection and preparation is key. Know what Microsoft is best at, and their limitations when it comes to data protection in Office 365. Make sure what’s provided to the fits your needs.

  1. How should we manage and govern our data in the cloud?

Office 365 is changing the way businesses collaborate. This is empowering users with a central workspace they can quickly provision with little to no involvement from IT. However, IT are still expected make sure all data is kept within strict governance policies and the environment is kept usable. How does that make any sense? Learn how you can gain control and enforce policies and procedures to reduce IT overheads drastically in Office 365 without taking away functionality from end users.

  1. How can we utilise Office 365 for records management?

A single system that you can use to manage records throughout your organisation without end user involvement sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? End users want to work in Office 365, focus on the task at hand and work in applications they are familiar with. They don’t want to worry about managing records. This is not a pipedream, this is entirely possible, and we can talk about doing this while being as compliant as possible.

If you’re located in Australia, join me at the Crown Perth from 3:20pm – 4:00pm on 27th March for my session at Juice IT to hear about these topics and how your organisation can be best prepare for the journey to the Microsoft Cloud you’re (inevitably) about to make.

You can also learn the answers to many of these questions by registering for our upcoming webinar this February 28th on Migration Challenges and How To Solve Them. You can also book a free pre-migration consultation.

During his tenure as an Account Executive at AvePoint, Alexander helped mid-market and large organizations move to, and maximize value from, their SharePoint and Office 365 investments. This included working with organizations to meet their data protection, data governance and records management needs.

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