AvePoint’s First Ever SharePoint Day in London

Post Date: 09/11/2012
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​This Thursday, September 13, AvePoint is hosting SharePoint Day in London, a special event to connect the local Microsoft SharePoint community with experts to learn about the latest and most innovative topics. The speakers include AvePoint Director, System Engineering EMEA (TAM/TSP) Abi Onifade and Product Manager Shyam Oza as well as Capgemini Enterprise Assurance and Strategy Lead and SharePoint MVP John Timney. The event will also feature a special case study presentation from Walls Construction.

In advance of the week’s event, we caught up with Timney to learn more about his presentation and what he’s looking forward to most at the event. What is one key takeaway you want attendees to walk away with after your presentation? John Timney: SharePoint 2013 is significantly more complicated than its predecessors. People should not underestimate how much change there is in the 2013 product and what that increased complexity might entail to them or to their staff. I’d like to think attendees even at a high level can take away an understanding of the scale of that change in 2013 to allow them to go and research deeper before they commit to an installation. This enterprise scale product requires enterprise level strategic thinking. With 2013, “build it and they will come” simply does not apply. How do you feel an event like SharePoint Day London benefits the SharePoint community? JT: Not everyone can attend every conference or user group session, so any opportunity for extra community learning is always a good thing. Any improvements that attendees can take in extending their network and having new people to which they can reach out can only extend the value of the community. Outside of your presentation, what is one thing you look forward to most at the event? JT: I love the between session periods, and the opportunity to hear what other people might be working on. The SharePoint community is full of great ideas, and it’s really interesting to hear those ideas, the solutions that go with them, and how people are solving their day to day problems – or when they are not, to perhaps offer some guidance to help them reach their goals.

Near London? Be sure to register today and join us for the event on Thursday!

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