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AvePoint Hosts its Own Olympic Games in London

​In honor of London’s hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games and to brighten up what looked to be a grey summer in the United Kingdom, the AvePoint London office arranged a number of Olympic-related activities in celebration of this momentous event! We had everything from a themed office environment to get everyone into the Olympic spirit, to a series of competitions. There was heaps of enthusiasm, tons of excitement, and lots of fun!

We started our AvePoint Olympic Games with an Olympic Opening Ceremony, which, true to its style, represented a celebration of sport and union of our multicultural office! The English Bananaman, the French Mademoiselle, the Irish Rugby Player, and even a little Panda from the Netherlands (YES, the Netherlands!) came to work that day as a part of our "Dress up to Represent Your Country" competition. We also tasted foods of different cuisines from all over the world as a part of "Which Country’s Cuisine are You Tasting?" event. Did you know that we have representatives from more than 15 countries working in our London office? That is what created a true Olympic spirit here!


By the second week of August, our AvePoint Olympians were in full swing! Do you know in which city the first modern Olympics were held? Or which AvePoint employee crossed the African dessert on a motorbike? Our Olympians completed a series of questions like these as part of our “Olympic Quiz”, which was then followed by a bowling night where all teams had a chance to have some fun and gain some brownie points!

For our finale event to round out the competitions, we had the Olympics Closing Ceremony, which was held in Regent’s Park. This was the last chance for all teams to show what they were made of and compete for those most important Olympic medals! It was a tough competition: Three legged race, rope skipping, tug of war, egg and spoon race, sack race, obstacle course – we had it all!


At the end of the games, the medalists were announced and the winners were:

Gold Medal Winning Team: “Black Panthers”

· Sarah Hoyle
· Edgar Fernandes
· Armands Smits
· Mohamed Barry
· Yannick Agathine
· Imran Lakha

Silver Medal Winning Team: “Remote Control Monkeys”

· Ann-Marie Connolly
· Geoff Bailey
· Peter Sornat
· Chris Thorpe
· Lloyd Baffour
· Roberto Marabotto

Bronze Medal Winning Team: “Number 1’s”
· Lenny Bowers
· Yana Kryuchkova
· Nick Goudy
· Jerry Bai
· Namu Siyolwe
· Tolani Olagbaju

Alongside the AvePoint Olympic Games, everyone in the London office also had an opportunity to vote for their fellow colleagues for special awards in the following categories:

Olympic Categories Winners
Weight lifting – For excellent work despite a heavy workload Roberto Delgado
Synchronised Swimming – For embodying the true spirit of teamwork Amy Roberts
100m Sprint – For making the most progress in a short period of time Daniel Crossley
Marathon – For excellent performance sustained over a long period Michele Domanico
Beach Volleyball – Most entertaining and/or sociable member of Team AvePoint Yannick Agathine

Congratulations to all of our AvePoint Olympians! Thank you for participating in our Games!




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