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Post Date: 03/04/2013
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This week, AvePoint is a proud Gold Sponsor of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit taking place March 6-8, 2013 in Washington, DC. The IAPP Global Privacy Summit is the largest privacy conference worldwide where thousands of practitioners and hundreds of world-class speakers come together to explore new concepts in privacy. This conference brings together privacy professionals from around the world to discuss the increasing pressures on organizations to do more with less and to empower employees, business associates, and customers to utilize the latest and greatest technologies. As companies require increasingly larger market data sets and deeper granularity to feed predictive models, forecasts, and trading throughout the day – and government organizations collect more and more information about individuals – new regulatory and compliance requirements are placing greater emphasis on governance and risk reporting. All of this drives the need for deeper and more transparent analyses across global organizations. Enterprise collaboration systems, social media, big data, mobile devices, and the cloud are great for innovation, free thinking, and creativity. However, they can all cause a compliance headache as well. In a perfect world and as a function of best practices, each and every IT deployment should be accompanied by a governance and compliance strategy along with a plan for technical, practical, and strategic implementation and monitoring of that plan – but this doesn't always happen. This best practices approach is one in which the company creates a “Culture of Compliance”. Privacy and information security policies must be designed in such a way that they are enforceable and measurable. Training programs educate employees on what they should and should not do, and technology solutions reinforce those methodologies, making it easier for employees to do the right thing. Companies that are successful in this approach implement a program that allows them to “Trust” that their employees are doing the right thing while “Verifying” that they are doing what is expected. This “Trust and Verify” approach is one of the topics that we will discuss in an IAPP session that I will be co-presenting with Christine M. Frye, Senior Vice President, Privacy Compliance Executive at Bank of America, entitled: “Navigating Your Way in a Financial Service Data Breach” at 11am ET on Thursday, March 7. Financial services providers deal with highly sensitive information as a matter of course. In this session, our attendees will learn how a structured approach to data breach prevention and response – including engagement with stakeholders and regulators – will help them navigate the challenge in their organizations. Throughout the IAPP Global Privacy Summit, visit AvePoint at Booth 6. We will showcase AvePoint Compliance Guardian, the next generation of our award-winning product line for ensuring information is available and accessible to the people who should have it and protected from those who should not. Compliance Guardian empowers organizations to build that culture of compliance where employees are empowered to proactively comply with regulatory, statutory, and organization specific guidance and policies for data privacy, security, and accessibility – and to verify and prove that they are doing so. However, if and when a breach does occur, AvePoint Compliance Solutions allows organizations to swiftly detect, track, respond, and recover from that breach. This mitigates the likelihood of a catastrophic incident, and helps provide information that will lead to system hardening and improvements for the continuous life cycle that must make up a successful risk management program.

Dana Louise Simberkoff is the Chief Risk, Privacy and Information Security Officer at AvePoint. She is responsible for AvePoint’s privacy, data protection, and security programs. She manages a global team of subject matter experts that provide executive level consulting, research, and analytical support on current and upcoming industry trends, technology, standards, best practices, concepts, and solutions for risk management and compliance. Ms. Simberkoff is responsible for maintaining relationships with executive management and multiple constituencies both internal and external to the corporation, providing guidance on product direction, technology enhancements, customer challenges, and market opportunities. Ms. Simberkoff has led speaking sessions at data privacy and security events around the globe. She was featured in Forbes, writes a monthly column for CMSWire, and was highlighted in the CSO Online list of “12 Amazing Women in Security”. She is a current member of the Women Leading Privacy Advisory Board and a past member of the Education Advisory Board for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Ms. Simberkoff holds a BA from Dartmouth College and a JD from Suffolk University Law School. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danalouisesimberkoff/en Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/danalouise

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