A Very Collaborative Christmas

Post Date: 12/20/2011
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As we close the books on 2011 and look ahead to 2012, while many may be shutting down and hitting up holiday parties – don’t miss the chance to get a head start on business productivity. Consider this cautionary tale from none other than Santa Claus himself. Christmas 2010 was not Santa Claus’s best year. With more Christmas Wish Lists than ever before – and lots of important data on who had been good and who had not – Santa lost sight of the information necessary to get the right presents underneath the right Christmas Trees. By mistakenly accessing old and outdated Wish Lists, Santa even missed some important present requests! To avoid Christmas chaos this year, Santa took some drastic steps. To ensure that he and his Elves can collaborate and share information easily, he implemented a Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 environment. The first step for Santa was to migrate important data over to SharePoint 2010. When he first looked into this process, he grew concerned that too many Elves would need to stop making presents to ensure that SharePoint was up and running in time for Christmas – as the process can often become complex and time consuming. To avoid this risk, Santa decided to turn to AvePoint. By using DocAve Migrator, Santa automated the migration process so that Elves could instead focus on the business-critical task of making presents. Santa also decided to streamline the amount of data that he kept on file with DocAve. Some of the Wish Lists in his databases were outdated, while others were from those on the Naughty List. Subsequently, he decided that he did not need this information in his new SharePoint environment and worked with DocAve to find a more efficient means to store the remaining information. Santa was able to tier his data based on how regularly he’d need to access the files with DocAve Archiver. For example, he moved Wish Lists that were more than 50 years old into cloud-hosted storage, and anything between 5 and 50 years old was moved onto Tier 2 storage. Only recent Wish Lists and present creation guides were kept on Santa’s SQL server. So, what was the result? This year, he has more money to throw the Elves a huge post-Christmas party, and he can also afford to make some extra presents. Without having DocAve in place, Santa wouldn’t have been able to migrate all of his data without impacting the number of presents that he and his Elves could make before Christmas this year. In addition, the ability to automate the archival of data – whether to Tier 2 servers in the North Pole or into the cloud – gives Santa improved visibility and content management capabilities. After giving Santa such a helping hand with his SharePoint implementation, we at AvePoint are hoping for an extra special Christmas this year. Give the gift of SharePoint 2010 this holiday season with DocAve, and start saving!​

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