Survive and Thrive Post-COVID in the TAE Business

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Survive and thrive post covid in the tae business

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  • 1 Hour


Gerald Leo

One Commercial Partners Lead, Microsoft Singapore

Neo Wei Woon

EXCO Hon Secretary & Chairman Education, Singapore Quality institute

Ethan Li

Senior Consultant, AvePoint

Not ready to move your learning and training online yet? Let AvePoint show you how to run online trainings and testing with full compliance with SSG standards.

With the hit of Covid-19, training providers are facing huge disruptions to their business, where the essentiality and demands of digitalising their learning and training practises are growing tremendously, especially for integrating with SSG systems to secure the government grand for continuing running CET courses. Join us and the industry leaders in the upcoming webinar to understand a bit more on the market trends and common pain points, and let us show you how to better mordernise life-long learning use cases and online testing with the best technologies.

With that, how to better survive and even thrive during post Covid period will no longer be an aching problem. Let AvePoint share and assist you for your business transformation journey.

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