Strategies To Save 8 Hours/Week Managing Microsoft Teams

Smarter approaches to external sharing, security audits, permission reviews, lifecycle management, restore requests, and other tedious tasks

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  • 1 Hour


Victor Lai

Solution Engineering Manager, AvePoint

Loryan Strant

Microsoft MVP & Product and Innovation Lead, Rapid Circle Australia

How much extra value could you or your team provide your organisation if you were given an entire day each week to work on passion projects?

Probably a lot more than approving Team provisioning requests or restoring deleted files all day.

Through our work with thousands of organisations, we’ve taken an inventory of the most common, tedious admin tasks. We will show you a variety of strategies for automating them and the time you can expect to save so you can build the business case for change to present to leadership.

We will cover tasks related to:

  • Optimising your admin permissions and relationships to delegate work, without inappropriately giving up the keys to the castle.
  • Common security audit processes such as ISO 27001
  • Managing the provisioning, life and managed disposition of a Team
  • Answering end user item restore requests
  • And more!

Be sure to register for this webinar. If you give us one hour of your time, we will give you back a day in your work week!

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