Right-Sizing Teams Management and Security

Identify risks and design a control plan to make Microsoft Teams smart, safe, and simple for your users

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Sarah Bai

Strategic Consultant, AvePoint

Automate and enforce data protection in Microsoft Teams.

More than 250 million monthly users now rely on Microsoft Teams. This rapid growth of users — and their data — underscore why IT administrators must have a deep understanding of their organization’s data ecosystem, including:

  • What kinds of information exists in Teams?
  • Where does our sensitive data live?
  • Who can access the data (internal and external parties)?
  • How are we enforcing Microsoft Teams security policies?

Like any critical business system, Teams must be proactively managed. But that’s easier said than done: Despite their best efforts, IT admins are weighed down by time-consuming, bulky, and inefficient processes that often require deep knowledge of PowerShell and require manually intensive analysis to ensure Microsoft Teams privacy.

It is a complex job, it isn’t sustainable, and it puts your data at risk.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to solve for these issues using Microsoft 365’s native, out-of-the-box functionality that is powerful but too often an “all-or-nothing” fix. We’ll also highlight a more efficient, personalized approach using third-party solutions from AvePoint designed to prevent oversharing across Microsoft 365 with automated policies that not only apply controls but also enforce them.

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