Tailoring Microsoft Teams & Delegating Administration in Office 365

Learn how to give departments in the same Office 365 tenant different policies for provisioning, external sharing, retention and more!
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  • 1 Hour


John Peluso

Chief Product Officer, AvePoint

Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft Regional Director & MVP and AvePoint Chief Brand Officer

Hunter Willis

Product Marketing Manager, AvePoint

Government agencies and large private sector organizations frequently have centralized IT departments supporting numerous departments or lines of business with wildly diverse digital workspace needs.

The challenge is they all sit under the same Office 365 tenant and are constrained to the same tenant-wide settings. With native Office 365 functionality, if you disable external sharing for the Department of Transportation you are disabling it for the Department of Education. If you allow Marketing to self-provision a Teams Team you are allowing HR to do it too.

Departments have a different number of users, deal with different sensitivity of information and are overseen by different industry regulations—shouldn’t they have different policies for their digital workspaces in Office 365?

Join AvePoint experts and Microsoft Regional Directors, John Peluso and Dux Raymond Sy, as they show you how to tailor Office 365 for each department’s needs.

They will also show how IT can lessen their burden by delegating common non-technical tasks such as site approvals to business owners.

Learn how to:

  • Setting up granular rules and policies for different department while ensuring users stay compliant with established governance standards
  • Monitoring all tasks requested and their latest status within SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Groups
  • Providing a set of services to end users with defined approval processes such as site collection provisioning, permissions management, etc.
  • Distribute responsibility for performing common tasks to non-admin staff for tasks

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