Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Management – What you need to know

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  • 1 Hour


Sohna Sukumaran Hemalatha

Senior Strategic Consultant, AvePoint

Over the past year, the global pandemic has forced organisations to invest in cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft 365 to enable employees to securely collaborate and improve their digital workplace productivity.

However, as most users rapidly transit to Microsoft 365 and Teams, a great deal of challenges and problems now have arisen, such as:

• Are employees using Microsoft Teams as a collaboration platform or just a replacement for a chat tool?

• How many of them are benefiting from the other apps that are already made available to them within Microsoft 365?

• Are employees embracing new ways of working with Microsoft 365?

• Was the transition to Microsoft 365 managed well in your organisation?

• Are your current governance practices making users do extra work and causing frustrations?

Join us and see how AvePoint drives successful transition and adoption of Microsoft 365 to empower users to manage resistance, embrace change and maximise their Microsoft 365 investment.

You will learn

  • Why you need a change management strategy

  • What tools you can use for adoption

  • How to migrate to Microsoft 365 to streamline collaboration

  • Why good governance precedes great adoption

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