Manage Hybrid High-stake Exams Securely

Fully digital or paper and pen? Let AvePoint show you how to run a hybrid examination.

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Ethan Li

Senior Consultant, AvePoint

With the hit of Covid-19 IHLs need to further optimize their current Exam Management System with latest technology capabilities to be able to conduct high-stake exams online.

Digitalizing exams introduces tremendous benefits including saving cost, time and efforts involved in preparation and printing of exam papers, appointing invigilators, arranging exam centres and venues, securing answer scripts, conducting bias-free evaluation, and on-time result publication.

However, all these do not happen overnight. Taking one step back, we will bring you through the journey how IHLs could transform their traditional pen-and-paper exams into a digital exam in hybrid mode with:

• Exam scheduling and logistics preparation e.g. physical venue booking

• Fully digitalised exam paper authoring with secured and traceable printing process

• Seamless exam delivery experiences for educators and students

• Digital marking including exam scripts on physical papers

• Advanced grading and data analytics

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