Essential Governance Best Practices for SharePoint & Office 365 In The A.I. Era

Learn how to prevent sensitive documents from being surfaced by Microsoft’s increasingly powerful artificial intelligence.
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  • 1 Hour


John Peluso

Chief Product Officer, AvePoint

Matt Wade

Vice President of Client Engagement, H3 Solutions

SharePoint, Delve and other Office 365 applications are leveraging AI to surface content for end-users.

Its clear that this capability is only going to become more prevalent within the Microsoft ecosystem making it easier than ever for users to find and access content.

But what if you don’t want certain content to be found by certain types of internal or external users?

Having payroll data, employee performance reviews or sensitive strategy documents surface to the wrong user isn’t an idle concern—it has happened to real organizations.

Without the proper governance and permission policies and processes in place, it can happen to your organization as well.

Register for our webinar today and learn:

  • How SharePoint and Office 365 use AI and its practical applications and implications
  • How to ensure the right content gets surfaced to the right users
  • How Bots can help and extend Microsoft’s AI capabilities
  • Right sizing governance for your organization and managing ongoing operations and compliance for collaborative workspaces
  • Recent SharePoint 2019 announcements


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