MS Exchange Solution Unlock the Full Potential

Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft Exchange with AvePoint

Are you facing complexity, data loss concerns, compliance challenges, or performance issues in your Microsoft Exchange environment? AvePoint has the answer. Our products are specifically designed to support Microsoft Exchange backup, Microsoft Exchange migration, and Microsoft Exchange management, empowering your organization to achieve optimal productivity and collaboration in Microsoft 365.

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Kevin Byrne

Recently, the team was getting ready to open applications for our next grant cycle when they realized an entire Exchange Online folder for the program was missing. We didn’t know how long it was gone. We were able to leverage Cloud Backup to find the last recovery point. Once located, we were able to restore it to the original location.

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Solve Your Microsoft Exchange Challenges with AvePoint

We understand the complexities and administration overhead involved in configuring, managing, and maintaining Microsoft Exchange. Our products are tailored to address the Microsoft Exchange challenges you face every day.


    Simplify Microsoft Exchange Migration

    As your Microsoft Exchange environment grows, AvePoint Fly simplifies the process of email migration to Microsoft 365. Minimize downtime, optimize resource allocation, and ensure a smooth transition for enhanced performance and scalability.

    AvePoint helped Cegeka deliver flawless email migrations to Microsoft 365 with AvePoint Fly.

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    Pre-scan your Microsoft Exchange migration source to optimize your email migration to Microsoft 365

    Automate your Microsoft Exchange migration by defining filters, mappings and schedules

    Monitor your Microsoft Exchange migration progress with built-in reporting to assess throttling and performance


    Comprehensive Microsoft Exchange Backup

    AvePoint Cloud Backup’s automated and granular backup capabilities ensure quick and easy data restore, providing peace of mind and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Cloud Backup eDiscovery allows metadata-based search for Microsoft Exchange content to identify data across multiple scopes in Microsoft 365 backup and streamline management from a single dashboard. Don't rely solely on native tools when it comes to Microsoft Exchange backup.

    AvePoint helped National Endowment for the Humanities prevent days of downtime with AvePoint Cloud Backup.

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    Backup Outlook mailboxes, archives, folders, chats, calendars, contacts, messages, permissions and more

    On-demand granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange data manages conflicts to ensure you recovery the right data

    Restore Microsoft Exchange content out of place – to another site, mailbox, OneDrive, or group


    Streamline Microsoft Exchange Governance

    Seamlessly capture, classify, retain, and dispose of Microsoft Exchange emails and other important records in compliance with regulatory requirements with AvePoint Cloud Records. Create and enforce governance policies, streamline management processes, automate lifecycle management and simplify compliance with AvePoint Cloud Governance.

    AvePoint helped Bendigo Kangan Institute migrate to Microsoft 365 and build a compliant records management strategy.

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    Automate and monitor security policy enforcement

    Apply information classification directly to Microsoft Exchange content automatically

    Manage information lifecycles and associate outcomes with business rules

    Ensure user actions will not violate content and security rules

    Automate and record workspace disposition, and provide processes to extend the life of content


    Secure Microsoft Exchange Management

    Simplify the security of your Microsoft Exchange environment with AvePoint's intuitive and automated solutions like AvePoint Policies and Insights. Monitor for any risks and use insights to create better rules for sharing and access. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and complex policy enforcement and hello to automated Microsoft Exchange security.

    AvePoint helped American National reduce new Microsoft 365 workspace creation and avoid sprawl.

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    Automate and monitor security policy enforcement

    Enable reporting over Microsoft 365 security

    Address security issues in near real-time

    Show the impact of automated security fixes

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MS Exchange Solution Advanced Platform

The Most Advanced Platform for All Your Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft 365 Needs

Why go to multiple vendors when you can have the ultimate platform to support every stage of your Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 transformation?

One commercial relationship, master services agreement, and support organization, simplifying your procurement and customer service experience.

One connection to monitor, reducing complexity and streamlining management processes.

One security review to ensure the highest level of data protection and compliance across your Exchange environment.

One service with access to your tenant, providing a unified experience and eliminating the need for multiple solutions.

Platform-wide features that extend beyond Exchange, allowing you to leverage AvePoint's capabilities across your entire Microsoft ecosystem.

Innovation You Can Trust

The AvePoint Confidence Platform is regularly recognized by industry leaders for our innovation and usability.


AvePoint Products for Microsoft Exchange Backup, Migration and Management

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

The most complete, automatic SaaS backup solution with on-demand restore for your critical Microsoft 365 services.

AvePoint Cloud Backup

AvePoint Cloud Governance

Accelerate Microsoft 365 adoption with automated service delivery, all backed by a sustainable, efficient and secure governance framework.

AvePoint Cloud Governance

AvePoint Cloud Records

All your content, under complete control. Ace information lifecycle management, easily managing digital and physical content in one platform.

AvePoint Cloud Records

AvePoint Fly

Migrate Exchange, mail, contacts, and calendars into Microsoft 365. Sync changes and users across domains, all from one place.

AvePoint Fly

AvePoint Insights

Find, prioritize and fix controls for permissions, membership and sharing across Microsoft 365.

AvePoint Insights

AvePoint Policies

Easily enforce controls for sharing, permissions, membership and configuration of Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

AvePoint Policies