New Alternative for your Learning Management System

Help your school get ahead of changing expectations and technologies with AvePoint Learning Management System. Enable lecturers to deliver personalised, immersive, and collaborative learning for today and tomorrow. Empower your administrators to leverage latest, transformative technologies without the extra overhead.

  • Leapfrog the cycle of changing or updating learning management systems (LMS) every few years when custom-developed, open-source, or off-the-shelf systems inevitably become obsolete
  • Discover how Office 365 fits perfectly as a LMS and leverage the power of innovative Microsoft Cloud technologies
  • Enlist a Microsoft Cloud expert to help your school build LMS functionalities on Office 365
New Alternative for your Learning Management System

Power of Office 365 (and Microsoft Cloud)

An Office 365 LMS is an evolving, future-proof solution. The potential of an Office 365 LMS is limitless, thanks to easy integration with Microsoft Azure. Benefits of an Office 365 LMS include:

  • Fewer siloed learning systems leading to lowered operational overhead and security risks
  • Real-time multi-lingual translation to connect across the world, over Skype conferencing
  • Predictive analysis to identify at-risk students early on
  • Deployment of chatbots as virtual guides or teacher assistants

Give your team bandwidth to focus on what is important: exploring and adopting cloud technologies to support new ways of learning. Let AvePoint support the rest.


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