AvePoint Elements: Managed Services Platform for SMBs

Manage and cost optimize Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce with our MSP platform for business continuity, disaster recovery, cyber resilience, and data governance.

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Multi tenant management built just

Unleash Effortless Scalability with AvePoint Elements

Are you an MSP juggling multiple customer environments? Stop the struggle and take control with AvePoint Elements - your central command center for effortless environment management at scale. Our powerful platform empowers you to streamline operations, automate processes, and optimize costs across all your customers' Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce environments. With Elements, you've got a force multiplier for your MSP services, enabling you to deliver unparalleled value and keep your clients happy. Say goodbye to chaos and embrace seamless scalability with AvePoint Elements.

Flexible multi tenant customer management

Central Oversight & Delegated Control

Flexible Multi-tenant Customer Management for MSPs

AvePoint Elements is designed to help you scale. Enable automation, standardization, and remote management capabilities that help you efficiently deliver managed services. Our multi-tenant platform is purpose-built to help MSPs optimize operations, reduce costs, and support more customers with less overhead.

Customer Insights

Enhance client satisfaction with aggregated service health, web-based reports, and compliance monitoring.

Value Added Services

Offer innovative services, such as AI data readiness, digital workplace enablement, and more.

Integrate and Scale

Boost growth, efficiency, and control with seamless API integrations and scalable provisioning.

Powerful integrations

Integrate. Automate. Scale.

AvePoint Elements’ extensibility and robust features help MSPs scale their services, simplifying management across customers and increasing margins.

Deliver cutting edge services

Supercharge Your MSP: Unleash the Power of Automation, Security, and Optimization

With AvePoint, your MSP can automate and operationalize mission-critical services, driving cost optimization and scalability. From robust data governance and bulletproof cybersecurity to AI data readiness and failsafe BCDR solutions, we empower you to deliver top-tier managed services. Fortify your security posture, minimize risks, and safeguard customer data across multiple SaaS platforms. Harness the combined might of automation, world-class data protection, and cutting-edge governance to future-proof your MSP practice, mitigate threats, and unlock new revenue streams. Partner with AvePoint and elevate your game to unprecedented heights.

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To perfectly fit the customer’s needs, MSPs need to find a solid suite of good products that represent their own company and what it stands for. With AvePoint, you get that power.
Wouter van Baardewijk

General Manager, Lucrasoft

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