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Sharing has never been simpler.

Have you ever found yourself boxed in by your organization's standard SharePoint settings, especially when it comes to working with external users? Faced with the choice between inviting guests into your environment or moving the data to a third-party file-sharing platform, you’re giving up control no matter what.
AvePoint Confide can help.

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Experience the Next Generation of AvePoint Confide Using SharePoint Embedded

AvePoint partnered with Microsoft to build a next gen version of AvePoint Confide using their innovative SharePoint Embedded technology. Now, organizations can address scenarios with complex sharing needs requiring differentiated security and storage scenarios within their existing Microsoft 365 environment.

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Drive Growth Through Next-Level Collaboration

Collaboration drives the growth and innovation that business leaders demand. M&A, Legal, Finance, and Investment teams work closely together on highly confidential, business-critical information. Traditionally, these teams turned to virtual data rooms for added security around deals, legal proceedings, due diligence on mergers and acquisitions, audits, and more. However, virtual data room providers often lack the flexibility to support a range of projects. The result is too many applications, a disjointed experience, and stalled productivity.

Built on the Microsoft Cloud and backed by AvePoint’s powerful security and governance framework, AvePoint Confide offers a low-friction, high-security solution:

Content remains stored within the customer's own Microsoft 365 tenant

Flexibility to manage projects without ongoing IT support

No need to enable external Office 365 access

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A Changing World Requires a Modern Approach

Gone are the days of holing up in a conference room for hours on end with colleagues, working through a complex project. As the world has shifted toward hybrid and remote working models, more and more critical business activities are being conducted entirely online. Cross-border, cross-company collaboration has become the norm. AvePoint Confide’s simple, yet powerful controls allow business leaders to manage sensitive, project-specific sharing with pinpoint precision, enabling IT to focus on other priorities. No matter the size or scope, AvePoint’s purpose-built virtual data room software easily scales up or down to suit the needs at hand.


Spin up a new workspace within moments. Manage multiple projects from one centralized dashboard, keeping an eye on key metrics and recent activity.


Manage access with accuracy. Enable sharing across internal and external users. Assign and manage tasks with secure, in-line communications.


Build your Project Library to your exact specifications with customizable folders and subfolders. Easily update the structure to meet changing needs.


Optimize sensitive projects with real-time insights and intel. Drill down into individual projects to monitor user activity, project engagement, and more.


Customer-hosted content

Each project workspace creates a restricted site collection, stored within your own Microsoft 365 tenant.

Security controls

Built-in security features include file content encryption, watermarking, audit trails, and more.


Invite guest users to create a local account, eliminating the need for their organizations to enable external Office 365 access.

Intuitive interface

Set up and manage your project with simple wizard-style workflows and drag-and-drop functionality.


Quickly set up granular, permissions at the user or group level. Easily revise or revoke access as needs change.

Custom folder structure

Build and manage your Project Library to meet specific needs, with fully customizable folders and subfolders.

Bulk upload

Save time by uploading files, folders, users, or tasks in bulk.

Admin dashboard

Monitor multiple active projects at once, keeping an eye on key metrics and recent activity.

Advanced insights

Monitor user activity, project engagement, file/folder consumption, project health, and more.

Task management

Create, assign, and collaborate on tasks using AvePoint Confide’s secure, in-line communications.

Workflow shortcuts

Quickly identify newly added materials and easily jump back to the files you’ve been working with.

Outlook integration

Upload email attachments directly to AvePoint Confide or share links to AvePoint Confide files right from your inbox.


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