Sarah Bai
Sarah Bai

Strategic Consultant, AvePoint


Automate and enforce data protection in Microsoft Teams.

More than 250 million monthly users now rely on Microsoft Teams. This rapid growth of users — and their data — underscore why IT administrators must have a deep understanding of their organization’s data ecosystem, including:

  • What kinds of information exists in Teams?
  • Where does our sensitive data live?
  • Who can access the data (internal and external parties)?
  • How are we enforcing Microsoft Teams security policies?

Like any critical business system, Teams must be proactively managed. But that’s easier said than done: Despite their best efforts, IT admins are weighed down by time-consuming, bulky, and inefficient processes that often require deep knowledge of PowerShell and require manually intensive analysis to ensure Microsoft Teams privacy.

It is a complex job, it isn’t sustainable, and it puts your data at risk.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to solve for these issues using Microsoft 365’s native, out-of-the-box functionality that is powerful but too often an “all-or-nothing” fix. We’ll also highlight a more efficient, personalized approach using third-party solutions from AvePoint designed to prevent oversharing across Microsoft 365 with automated policies that not only apply controls but also enforce them.

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