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Dux Raymond Sy
Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft RD and MVP, AvePoint CMO


Tyson Dowd
Tyson Dowd

Director, Modern Workplace Customer Success, Asia, Microsoft


*Psscht* This is your pilot speaking. We are en route to enterprise-wide use of Microsoft Teams... Please fasten your seatbelts. *Psscht*

However, organizations need to be sure they have a formal framework with checkpoints in place. If not, your pilot can slowly turn into production or stall without the necessary course corrections you need to scale and soar to new heights.

Join our experts as they walk you through the steps during your pilot take-off, flight, and landing including:


Examining the licensing and tech foundation you will need to start your pilot
Decision points on provisioning, management and lifecycle of your Teams
How to evaluate and set up the right level of data protection and retention
Optimizing your external sharing and administration set-up
Setting key success criteria and timeline for your pilot


Who to work with during your pilot
How to measure performance and course correct in real time
What key behaviors to look for


Building the case for scaling your pilot to production
Avoiding empty deployments and how to customize to each department
Establish & execute sustainable adoption plan to ensure lasting buy-in

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