Work smarter, not harder with actionable M365 adoption and usage insights

No one wants to waste money - we want to know that our technology investments are paying off and driving actual business value. But how can we prove this if we can’t measure adoption progress or assess usage metrics for our collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365?

You could guess that your users know how to properly leverage the tools you provide or that everyone you granted a license is using it – or you could know with certainty.

AvePoint’s latest addition to its product portfolio, tyGraph, gives you the adoption and usage data you need to make value assessments that drive performance improvements and growth. With concrete information about how your team is using (or not using) the services you provide, you can make better business decisions and align resources while equipping your team with information or tools to accelerate adoption and usage.

In this webinar, we’ll cover how tyGraph can improve M365 utilization with four easy steps:


Determine your current state.


Use best practices to address any issues you’ve found.


Make sure these changes are working.


Keep collaboration strong with a continuous feedback loop.

You can prove the impact of your technology investments – but only when you have the right tools in place.

Join us to learn how tyGraph can help accelerate user adoption and boost business productivity in Microsoft 365.

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