Max McNamara
Max McNamara

Managing Director - ANZ, AvePoint


Ed Senez
Ed Senez

CEO, tyGraph - AvePoint


Access actionable insights to optimise your SharePoint intranet, Teams and Viva Engage (Yammer) platforms to ensure your communications and collaboration hits the mark.

A recent study revealed that 72% of employees rate their Intranet as “fair” or “poor”. The fact is that you can’t make the changes your staff demand without the right insights into your platforms.

As hybrid working continues and your organisation re-thinks the usage of Microsoft 365, take a moment to consider:

  • Is your organisation taking full advantage of your SharePoint intranet, Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage (Yammer)?
  • Are you struggling to measure the success of your platforms and maximise the value of your communication and collaboration channel?
  • Could you change the way you communicate with staff to land the right message at the right time if you had detailed insights?

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t provide the analytics that you crave. tyGraph is the answer to accessing the employee insights you need to maximise the usage and value of your SharePoint intranet, Teams and Viva Engage platforms. Trust the platform Microsoft use for their internal analytics – tyGraph!

Join us for an exciting and informative webinar where we'll provide you with a blueprint to solve the challenges of user adoption, intranet platform performance, better communications and clear usage data across your organisation.

Don’t miss practical strategies for:

Identifying top KPIs you should track to evaluate the health of your communications and collaboration platforms in M365

How to use insights to make better decisions that improve the quality of information and the value of your intranet

Understand your employees behaviour across Teams and Viva Engage (Yammer) for targeted improvements

Optimise platform performance based on how users are accessing content (browser, device, client, etc.)

Validating content and navigation choices

Proactive monitoring and refinement

Whether you're an IT Manager, SharePoint admin, Intranet Owner, Communications Specialist, Knowledge Manager, or HR practitioner, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights into how to measure and improve the success of your SharePoint intranet, Teams and Viva Engage (Yammer) platforms in Microsoft 365.

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