Finally, An Easy Way To See Who Is Accessing Sensitive Data!

Finding a single source of truth for who has access to your sensitive files in Office 365 can be challenging.

Permission reports might tell you that an external user has access to a particular Team. An audit report can tell you how often a sensitive document has been accessed. DLP reports can tell you which Team contains sensitive information. These unconnected reports can contain tens of thousands of un-prioritised line items.

PI can connect the dots and surface the biggest risks to your sensitive data--even if its currently untagged. Even better, it help you formulate automated policies to plug those gaps in minutes.

This makes it easy for admins to better protect sensitive information without impeding the critical, but non-sensitive sharing that takes place across the organisation every day.

This webinar is perfect for customers that leverage Cloud Governance, Cloud Management (especially Policy Enforcer) as well as anyone interested in protecting sensitive content in Office 365.

In 30 minutes we will show you:

How PI extends the capabilities in the Microsoft Security and Compliance Center
How PI identifies and prioritises risks like external users accessing sensitive data, shadow users, anonymous links, nested groups, and more
Common, granular policies that can be set up in minutes to mitigate these risks
and more!
Ronald Delaney
Ronald Delaney

Training and Development Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint