Drive Productivity and Adoption

If your organization is leveraging legacy content repositories like file shares, you are likely experiencing issues with version control, a poor search experience, limited mobile access and an overall poor onboarding experience for new hires.

It is estimated that 90% of critical business documents still reside on paper, while the average professional spends 50% of their workday foraging through archaic records.

Strong document management solutions and best practices can improve the day to day capture, storage, modification and sharing of files within an organization for enhanced productivity.

This eBook provides proven document management best practices such as how to:

• Getting documents out of email and into SharePoint

• Streamline Team Collaboration

• Enforcing Information Management

• Enhancing Search, Archival and Expiration

• And more!

  • Introduction How Document Management Drives Productivity & SharePoint Adoption
  • Chapter 1 Getting Documents Out of Email and Into SharePoint
  • Chapter 2 Streamlining Team Collaboration
  • Chapter 3 Enforcing Information Management
  • Chapter 4 Enhancing Search, Archival, And Expiration

A peek at what's inside...

" Document management needs to take into account how people ACTUALLY work and link those processes to SharePoint. This helps ensure documents actually get uploaded to SharePoint; appropriate metadata is included; document sharing and co-authoring is seamless; and users are able to find what they need when they need it. " Introduction