External Guest User Acknowledgment Agreement


- Information We Collect. AvePoint has access to the following guest data: Name, Email Address, and Photo as this information is stored within Azure AD and provided by the Guest users.

- How we use this information: AvePoint uses this information to provide external users with guest account access to AvePoint’s Microsoft Teams

- International users: your information may be transferred to the United States or other countries

Terms of Use

- AvePoint manages guest user access to AvePoint’s Microsoft Teams and can revoke access privileges

- AvePoint Teams sponsors are responsible for managing permissions for guest accounts

- Guest users can: participate in private chats, participate in channel conversations, post/delete/edit messages, and share channel files for the intended business purpose.

- Guest users are obligated to continually abide by all of Microsoft’s terms as they pertain to Microsoft Teams, including Microsoft’s Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Notice, and Trademarks, as may be updated from time to time; these terms may also be made available to you by Microsoft through your Microsoft Teams profile page.

Code of Conduct

- Do:

1. Be positive, kind, professional, and courteous. Be friendly with others on the Team. Feel free to provide feedback but keep it constructive.

2. Keep private stuff private. Double check to make sure you are posting confidential information responsibly and in the correct place.

- Don’t:

1. Post solicitation, spam and/or content free posts

2. Be negative. Constructive feedback is good, but avoid personal remarks, sarcasm and blame.

3. Post regarding religion, politics, or other things that don’t typically belong in Teams

4. Share content from AvePoint Teams outside of the Team, or with other external parties.