Welcome to AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade for Office 365!

Join AvePoint, the Microsoft Cloud expert, in our FREE Cloud Arcade for Office 365 to get a collection of proven best practices and industry-leading solutions so you can successfully:

  • Migrate to Office 365 and transition to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Manage Office 365 permissions and security management across hybrid deployments
  • Protect ALL of your content – from SharePoint to OneDrive for Business, and even Exchange – across Office 365, on-premises SharePoint, and hybrid deployments
  • Enforce governance policies throughout Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and implement proper classification across Office 365, SharePoint, and file systems

With AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade for Office 365, no matter what game you’re playing or task you’re facing, we’ll give you a strategy guide filled with tips, maps, and resources to conquer all the challenges that lie ahead!

If you’re playing to win, you’ll need our secret weapons.

Welcome to AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade for Office 365!

AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents

Webinar – AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents: Mastering The Cloud Game

Date: Wednesday, March 30th at 2 PM EST

Audience: IT Administrators; IT Managers; Project Managers; C-Level

With all the buzz around the Microsoft Cloud and Office 365, SharePoint 2016, and hybrid innovation, you’re most likely facing a major migration decision:

  • Move your on-premises workloads to Office 365
  • Remain on-premises and upgrade to SharePoint 2016
  • Get the benefits of both by establishing a hybrid cloud solution

As the Microsoft Cloud expert, helping more than 17,000 customers worldwide migrate, manage, and protect Office 365 and SharePoint data, we’re opening our strategy book to help you:

  • Evaluate your options: When choosing between your datacenter and the cloud, what are the benefits of each option? Can you realize your goals with a hybrid cloud solution? What are other organizations doing and why?
  • Designing your SharePoint services: How can you take advantage of the latest Office 365 innovations while also maintaining critical content or custom applications on-premises?
  • Migrating, managing, and protecting in a hybrid world: How do you gradually move your existing on-premises SharePoint services to the cloud? When you get there, what’s next? How can you manage content, settings, configurations, and permissions, in order to establish SLAs, enforce governance policies, and ensure compliance?

It’s time to rethink the way you approach SharePoint in the Microsoft Cloud. Our experts are here to help you master the game.

John Peluso

Speaker: John Peluso

AvePoint Sr. VP of Product Strategy

What’s your Office 365 game?

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Deciding to take the leap into Office 365?

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Get safely to the cloud with the proper Office 365 migration planning and tools.

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In time, Office 365 administrative tasks will begin to drop in faster and faster, stacking to the top of your task list. Don’t top out and lose the game by not keeping up.

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It’s a never ending battle. Your team must protect Office 365 against all internal and external policy violations. Vanquish all existing infractions and destroy new ones as soon as they occur.

“AvePoint gives us assurance that if documents go missing or we run into problems within our Office 365 environment, we have a full backup available in the cloud along with granular content restoration abilities to minimize business disruption.”

“Apart from the product itself, which is exceptional, I think AvePoint’s sales and support teams are what really set the company apart from the other providers out there.”

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