Sam Valme
Sam Valme

Global Partner Experience Director, AvePoint


Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee

Senior Solution Engineer, AvePoint Public Sector


It’s not enough to just consider Office 365 backup.

Organizations need a plan to restore critical information– and it isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

Identifying if you need a third-party backup solution, and if so which one, requires a deep analysis of how you not only backup but restore your data to meet your organization’s content availability and compliance needs.

Questions your organization must ask - and that we will answer:

What data backup and restore options does Microsoft offer and what is our responsibility?
Who can perform what restores?
How often should we perform test restores?
How granular does the restore data need to be?
How quickly do different workloads need to be restored and in what format?
What restore options are available and practical for disaster recovery?
How does GDPR and other data privacy regulations impact my data restore operations?

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