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How to Create a Check in AvePoint’s Compliance Guardian

A quick Google search of ‘breach’ or ‘data security’ will yield a multitude of news results, many of which are recent and wide-reaching. The Yahoo and Equifax data breaches were headline news and affected hundreds of millions of users across the globe. Threats such as these are the reality of the digital world we now live in, and like with other threats, laws are made to ideally reduce the frequency with which they happen.

The EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to go into effect in May of 2018, is one such regulation. Organizations that do business in Europe or that provide goods or services to or provide monitoring of European citizens will now have to take new measures. This means organizations will be required to protect the personal information of their customers and employees or risk heavy fines for data breaches. With such regulations, software that helps enables compliance can add an extra layer of security. Even if your organization won’t be affected by GDPR, compliance in general is something that should be taken seriously. The consequences of an ineffective compliance and data protection strategy are not light and could mean serious consequences for your business. But, with the right tools, you can achieve your goals of making data available to people who should have it and protected from people who should not.

For this post, you will learn how to perform a check within AvePoint’s Compliance Guardian software in a simple step-by-step format. First, go to the control panel in the Compliance Guardian interface. Then, under ‘Application Management’, select ‘Check Manager’.

For example, let’s say that toy manufacturer Wingtip Toys has just purchased a company called Contoso. Now, they want to locate all documents that reference Contoso. They must select ‘Create’ in the top left corner to create a check.

Step 1: Select the kind of information you want your check to provide. For this case, we are selecting ‘text or keywords’ and using the ‘FindText’ template.

Step 2: Enter the text or keywords in the bar at the top, in this case ‘Contoso’, and be mindful of the logic in the option below. Select ‘The condition was found so the check is considered to have FAILED’ if you are trying to eliminate this term from your data. In this case, we are.

Step 3: Fill out the box below where it says ‘What should Compliance Guardian report when the file passes the check?’ For this instance, we will enter ‘Contoso is not found’ Then, in the box that says ‘What should Compliance Guardian report when the file fails the check?’ enter Contoso is found. Then select ‘next’.

Step 4: Next, determine the check speed, the confidence level, and the severity. For this example, we’ll put the confidence level at 75% and the severity at 7. You also will want to establish the policy URL. For example, in this instance, the URL will be set as to alert Compliance Guardian that all documents that have Contoso reference must also contain Wingtip Toys. Then click ‘finish’, name your check and give a description. Then select ‘okay’.

This check will now appear in your list and you’re good to go!

Sabrina Vazquez
Sabrina Vazquez
Sabrina is our Vice President of Customer Success, responsible for ensuring product adoption that drives customer success, engagement and retention.


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