AvePoint Proudly Presents Its Microsoft MVPs for 2022

Post Date: 07/19/2022
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Since its inception, AvePoint has made a point of hiring the best and brightest in the industry with a deep knowledge of Microsoft’s products and services. Part of that is hiring experts that already have Microsoft MVP certifications, and part of that is cultivating talent internally to help our colleagues achieve their full potential. Be it lending their voice to our webinars, ShiftHappens convention panels, or myriad blog posts, the presence of our MVPs is felt all across the content AvePoint produces.

We’re extremely proud to announce our lineup of renewed Microsoft MVPs for 2022. See below for a word from each of them as well as links to their social media pages:

Christian Buckley, M365 Apps & Services MVP [ MVP Profile | LinkedIn | Twitter ]

“Being a member of the MVP community is the ultimate crowdsourcing tool that helps me stay on top of everything and anything happening within the Microsoft ecosystem, across industries, and around the world.”

Dux Raymond Sy, M365 Apps & Services MVP [ MVP Profile | LinkedIn | Twitter ]

“Becoming a Microsoft MVP allowed me to grow my career and meet many like-minded industry colleagues that I’ve had the pleasure of learning from over the years. Now I’m blessed to be in a position to pay that knowledge forward to the broader community whenever I can.”

John “Jay” Leask, M365 Apps & Services MVP [ MVP Profile | LinkedIn | Twitter ]

“Being part of the MVP program enables me to get inside track on the capabilities and roadmap directly relevant to my customers in the US sovereign tenants (GCC/GCC-H/DOD). The MVP program also provides me direct access to the right resources inside of Microsoft so I can help guide my customers in these complex environments.”

Shelley Liu, M365 Apps and Services MVP [ MVP Profile | LinkedIn ]

“For me, becoming an MVP gives me the opportunity to be an insider and have close communication with the product team. This helps me enhance my knowledge and contribute to the community as much as possible. Most of the MVPs I communicate with are very supportive and offer help without me even having to ask.”

Taichi Nakamura, Business Applications & M365 Apps and Services MVP
[ MVP Profile | LinkedIn | Twitter ]

“The best part for me is that I made many friends not after becoming a Microsoft MVP, but during the process of receiving the award. I learned that my mentors never expected me to repay them, but to pay it forward to the next generation of tech professionals. All of this is to say, working towards the award in and of itself has been one of the best parts of my Microsoft MVP experience.”

To learn more about what joining the ranks of Microsoft MVPs entails, read the full overview here.

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