The Most Anticipated Microsoft 365 Features for 2021 (Community Talks)

Post Date: 02/11/2021
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A new year means a fresh slate of Microsoft 365 updates to get excited about. Microsoft is constantly iterating and bringing new features to its software lineup; 2020 saw the introduction of breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams, an improved SharePoint navigation UI, and synced metadata support for OneDrive, just to name a few.

So what do we want to see (and expect) from Microsoft 365 this year? We reached out to some of the brightest minds in the space to get their takes on the most exciting new features coming down the pipeline. Read on for their thoughts, and let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below!

Norm Young

I’m excited to see SharePoint: Scenario-Based Site Templates roll out. The built-in templates are well-designed and will give users and organizations a starting point to build out their intelligent intranet. Of special interest will be custom organizational templates. The org templates will provide consistency in branding, design, and will complement an organization’s governance plans.

Gokan Ozcifci

I’m excited about the new “Reinventing the Employee Experience at Microsoft” showcase. I’m expecting something that’s going to change our ways of working and push independent vendors to be more creative and bring more added-value on top of Microsoft 365.

“I’m…looking forward to more language capabilities being added [to virtual events].”

Paul Dredge

The insights app within Microsoft Teams gets my vote. Interlinking the power of MyAnalytics within Microsoft Teams will see a huge boost in personal insights, productivity, and wellbeing.

I also know I’m looking forward to virtual commutes, “take a break” reminders, emotional check-ins, and most importantly the ability to keep myself on track while working throughout the day.

Sven Seidenberg

Something I’m really looking forward to is the new dynamic view option coming to Microsoft Teams. We’re all presenting a lot and I think it will be really nice to have more involved and engaging views on the speaker and content without going too crazy with virtual cameras and custom solutions!

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Vesa Nopanen

I’m looking forward to how Microsoft Teams meetings are being transformed into to Virtual Events scaling from small team meetings to town halls, public webinars, and streams. This will make setting up events a lot easier, especially when Teams also gets built-in webinar & event registration capabilities.

In my mind, I include all meeting-related pieces, features, and improvements in that Virtual Events category. Chat bubbles–especially once they start working on all clients–will be a big improvement to engagement, and Q&A and being able to hard mute cameras will be important to events as well. I’m also looking forward to more language capabilities being added (Live Captions/transcription with translation) as this is especially important to inclusivity for global companies.

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