AvePoint’s Commitment to Clean Environments

Post Date: 04/12/2021
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While AvePoint’s solutions help customers keep their digital transformation clean, compliant, and organised, we’re also committed to clean environments that extend past the virtual world. Internally, we have sustainability policies and utilise platforms such as SharePoint, DocuSign, Yammer, Teams, and e-mail to reduce our paper consumption. Externally, we like to literally clean up environments where possible, and that’s what the Australian team did!

In honor of Earth Day this month, we thought we’d reflect back on the Melbourne team’s December activities. December is the start of the southern hemisphere’s summer, and what better way to give back than to clean up our Australian beaches?

The Melbourne crew partnered with Beach Patrol Australia to organize a clean up for Port Melbourne beach, one of the closest beaches to the office.

When we arrived, we thought the beach looked remarkably clean – but we quickly learned that one of the problems that plague our beaches are microplastics. Upon taking a closer look we realized that there were far too many of these tiny fragments of plastic spread across the sand. Although they’re small, they are very harmful to the environment and often ingested by birds and marine life.

As we found these bits of plastic, which ranged from straws to bottle tops, plastic wrap, and nurdles, we recorded what we collected. This data helps the beach patrol not only identify patterns, but also advocate for changes with state and local governments to reduce litter. Small actions like these have big results, and the state of Victoria has since announced that a number of single-use plastic items will be banned and phased out by 2023!

Although we were only there for a few hours, by the end of the day we collected over 862 items of plastic. The day ended with a very moving message from our beach patrol leader, Ramona. She encouraged and reminded us to all do our part where we can. Try to avoid single-use plastics, teach good recycling habits, request no straws, and volunteer to help when time permits.

Even if we recycle, the items in the bins can often be knocked over and end up on the street, so we should all strive to use less plastic and do our part to keep our environment clean.

Small steps and positive changes will collectively make a difference. What will your environmental goals be this year?

Fredrik is AvePoint's HR Director for Australia and New Zealand.

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