AvePoint AU “Bares All” for International Women’s Day


Leading up to International Women’s Day this year, the AvePoint AU office had a great time raising money for One Girl. This is a Melbourne-based charity that empowers girls through education, specifically assisting those in Sierra Leone and Uganda. While there are a number of ways to support, our Melbourne team decided that the Do It In A Dress fundraising campaign was the best way to drive donations.

The campaign works by providing us with a school girl dress to complete a challenge of our choice in, and the subsequent photos or videos help to spread awareness and spark more donations for education. The challenge we set was a run in the Botanical Gardens, and our brave male leadership team happily volunteered to be our racers.

Separate from this being a great cause, employees from all over, even outside of Australia, were excited to contribute to the campaign for a chance to see Reece Watson, Sales Director and Blair Hainsworth, Managing Director compete in the challenge. Donated dollars came pouring in, and with that, additional requests for the big race. Reece’s man-bun ended up in pigtails, and both participants had to shave their pins (legs) once we exceeded our initial $1,000 AUD goal.


Despite the fact that Blair is a seasoned marathon runner, Reece somehow gathered more supporters! This may have been due to a few obstacles set up to level the playing field.

So, who won? Well, the real winners are the 8 girls who now have access to education, thanks to our $2,485 AUD raised!

Many thanks to the colleagues who donated and cheered Reece and Blair on, AvePoint Philanthropy for matching 50% of the dollars raised, and of course, to our racers who garnered looks from many inquisitive bystanders on their way to the event.

Still curious who crossed the finish line first? Please visit our team page here for the answer, and while you’re there, consider making a donation or starting your own fundraising team!


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