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What Do You Like Best About DocAve?

​Whether it’s saving valuable storage on a content database, granular protection of the data that’s most important to the business, swift migration to the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint, or meeting regulatory compliance, the DocAve Software Platform makes life easier for more than 10,000 customers worldwide every day.

Over the past year, we’ve been speaking with attendees at some of the biggest SharePoint-related events and conferences to find out what they like best about DocAve. Everyone had something unique to share, including CIOs, developers, administrators, and end-users.

Watch our latest video to find out what many of these people said about DocAve.

Want to try DocAve to find out how it can benefit your organization? Download a free 30-day trial today.

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Franklin T.
Franklin T.
In his former role as Director of Communications, Franklin was responsible for increasing brand awareness across all AvePoint's digital properties.


  1. There are so many significant improvements in AvePoint mods this year. Goverernance resolves a great deal of security requirements for our organization. Content shield has taken our SharePoint team from being reactive to proactive. Administrator removed the complexity of customizing reports and development time. SharePoint Migrator will save us 1 year and a significant cost savings. I am very excited about the new releases and the overall direction that AvePoint is taking. They are providing solutions that not only meet our short term needs but long term needs as well.


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