Going for the Gold

Post Date: 07/27/2012
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This week has been another busy one. There have been a multitude of activities going on in the Global Communications department, and it’s been a fun experience trying to get everything done within a certain amount of time. It’s almost as though your adrenaline has to take over to prevent feelings of being overwhelmed. I know this isn’t as intense as what the athletes who are set to play in the Summer Olympics in London this year are going through, but I’m sure they can appreciate the similarities! Speaking of the Olympics, this week we have been put into groups to represent a country for our very own AvePoint Olympics competition. Being on Team Belgium, I am looking forward to what my team and I can come up with when it comes to the various competitions! Since I’m writing this entry before the actual games begin, I’ll be sure to update you in my next blog on our outcome.

Aside from the Olympics, I’ve had the opportunity to dip my toes into other areas of the Marketing department. For instance, I was able to help Annina Caruso, Event Marketing Coordinator, decorate the office for the Olympics, as well as assist in creating giveaway bags for another upcoming event. It is this type of collaborating that shows how lending a helping hand can go very far. Contributing to the marketing department in any and all aspects is special for me, and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to show off my capabilities.

With only two more blogs left to write, this internship has flown by faster than expected. I look forward to updating my readers on my final weeks as an AvePoint intern!

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