Backup & Restore

Protect smartly & securely

Negligence can cause major loss. We’ll have you winning again with full-fidelity backup and recovery—from individual content items to entire SharePoint environments and all farm-level components. Plus, you’ll maintain all metadata, security settings, and version histories.

Comprehensive backup

Protect your organization from data loss with truly comprehensive backup for your SharePoint and Office 365 environment

Business continuity

Minimize business disruptions caused by service interruptions or accidental deletions with quick and efficient recovery

SLA satisfaction

Satisfy even the most aggressive SLAs by minimizing downtime, data loss, and restore times with robust restore

Centralized management

Track, manage, and report on all backup and restore processes through a centralized management console

Granular or platform, backup & restore

Business-aware and comprehensive protection of SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2010, virtual machines (VM), SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.

Hybrid Services

Platform protection

Ensure platform-level components—applications, databases, web front-ends, and VMs—are protected in your backup plan

Full or incremental

Full backups capture all data, while differential and incremental options capture changes made since the last backup

Granular restore

From farms and servers to individual documents, restore everything and maintain metadata, versions, and permissions

Farm restore wizard

Reduce the complexity of a total farm recovery with intuitive clone or rebuild wizards

Recover on-demand

End users, Help Desks, or IT Admins can restore content at any time – to anywhere (even a file share)

Backup when you need

Schedule SharePoint backups to automatically run daily or hourly during non-office hours

SLA compliance

Automate SharePoint backup with retention rules that retain or delete records to comply with your unique SLAs

The forecast is partly cloudy

Seamlessly migrate to, and manage, SharePoint and Office 365. Your information will be protected no matter where it lives—in databases, Slack, Office 365, SharePoint, file shares, and more.

Administrator Icon


Centralize and automate changes, and manage settings, configurations, and permissions in bulk at any object level to eliminate tedious tasks.

Archiver Icon


Intelligently archive and automate content lifecycle management for files, mail, items, conversations, and more, based on custom business rules.

Backup & Restore Icon

Backup & Restore

Protect and restore with backup of SharePoint and Office 365 and restore items with full fidelity and recovery. With platform level protection and granular restore, meet SLAs with ease.

Cloud Connect Icon

Cloud Connect

Combine the benefits of cloud computing with existing on-premises infrastructure to improve collaboration and extend capabilities of each platform.

Cloud Migration Icon

Cloud Migration

Migrate email, files, and other cloud systems (even other Office 365 tenants!) into Office 365.

Connector Icon


Share file shares and cloud storage safely and securely to unify your enterprise content.

Content Manager Icon

Content Manager

Centralized control to manage, move, and maintain business-critical content within or across environments with minimal business interruption.

Data Protection & Incident Management Icon

Data Protection & Incident Management

Proactively monitor and neutralize violations of privacy, security, and compliance to help mitigate risk from the second data is created, throughout its lifecycle.

Data Validation & Classification Icon

Data Validation & Classification

Identify and map data as it flows through on-premises and cloud-based systems, prioritize what’s to be protected and from whom, and determine the data’s lifecycle.

Deployment Manager Icon

Deployment Manager

Test and deploy solutions and templates across environments with accuracy and speed.

Discovery Tool Icon

Discovery Tool

Analyze content and structure your source environment to identify potential migration issues before they happen.

Enterprise Risk Management Icon

Enterprise Risk Management

Implement a systematic risk program to evaluate, analyze, resolve and report on data flows, processes, and privacy and security risk.

File Share Archiver Icon

File Share Archiver

Enable content lifecycle management for file shares. Move content to cool storage to cut costs, improve data quality, and maintain discoverability.

File Share Navigator Icon

File Share Navigator

Remove barriers, enhance enterprise-wide content management, and global collaboration with a single point of access that removes content size and location limits.

Governance Automation Icon

Governance Automation

Automate SharePoint and Office 365 lifecycle management—from provisioning to archiving, and more. Enable controlled release of new features to drive adoption and enforce policies.

High Availability Icon

High Availability

Maintain warm and cool standby SharePoint environments for one-click disaster recovery.

Meetings Icon


Collaborate efficiently by bringing order and innovation to meetings with our simplified interface. Users can document, audit, collect, and analyze shared information.

Migrator Icon


Provides assessment, planning, mapping and reporting capabilities to ensure efficient and smooth migration with minimal business disruption.

Office Connect Icon

Office Connect

Merge content from Microsoft Outlook, Office, and Windows File Explorer into SharePoint and Office 365. Enhance productivity with easy sharing and seamless integration.

Perimeter Icon


Extend the collaborative power of on-premises SharePoint beyond your organizations’ walls to provide secure external and remote access.

Records Icon


Define, manage, and enforce classification, retention, and disposal policies for content and physical records.

Replicator Icon


Sync changes to item, list, libraries, and sites across SharePoint and Office 365.

Report Center Icon

Report Center

Create detailed and customizable reports on performance, usage, and security across SharePoint and Office 365.

SQL Server Data Management Icon

SQL Server Data Management

Deliver full fidelity, item-level restores directly from SQL Server backups.

Storage Manager Icon

Storage Manager

Extend SharePoint storage beyond SQL databases to tier storage, cut costs, and optimize performance.

Virtual Machine Protection Icon

Virtual Machine Protection

Backup and restore Virtual Machines.

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