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Don't just protect with a moat - Evolve your security model in M365

A modern threat protection strategy that relies on user authentication and data level tagging for M365 is not enough to satisfy a "never trust, always verify" model. If your organization isn't taking proactive steps to ensure employees, administrators, and guests only have access to site collections, Groups, and Teams they need within M365 you are leaving the data within those collaborative workspaces vulnerable. Leverage our Confidence platform powered by AvePoint Online Services to secure your collaboration.

Reduce insider threats

Make sure every person's access to M365 is to information they only need.

Optimize policy compliance

Automate policy enforcement across workspaces and content while reducing policy oversight IT burden.

Prioritize security issues

Monitor sensitive data, the risk of exposure, and where the data is being accessed.

To say that AvePoint tools are valuable to us can’t be stressed enough.
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Secure Your Digital Collaboration

Checklist: Apply Zero Trust Principles to Secure Digital Collaboration

In today's digital world, security is more important than ever. The rise of cyber attacks has made it crucial for companies to adopt a Zero Trust approach to security. Implementing a Zero Trust security framework can help you build a safer and smarter digital collaboration workspace - but it does more than that. Our secure digital collaboration checklist is a comprehensive guide that provides a step-by-step process to begin implementing Zero Trust principles in your organization today.

  • Understand your digital collaboration environment

  • Safeguard your information

  • Invest in trusted partners to simplify management

  • secure your digital workspaces

  • Ensure long-term sustainability


AvePoint thru a Zero Trust Lens

    Secure. Scale. Monitor.

    A path to a least-privileged model for administrators

    Our EnPower management solution empowers organizations to align M365 with their IT operations needs. Whether you need to manage by application, department, or location, the bottom line is anyone with admin permissions will gain access to your entire tenant. Not only will EnPower break down administration permissions with role-based access controls (RBAC) architecture to focus current admins on their assignments but opens the possibility of who can complete daily tasks creating much-needed efficiency and scale.

    Manage multiple tenants in one window for complete visibility across your organization

    Enable systems integrators to manage the scope of content and services they've been contracted to manage without over-privileging them with access to another division's content.

    Quickly generate and export admin user audit reports for Exchange, Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Azure Active Directory, and Groups.

    Discover. Automate. Enforce.

    Can your sensitive data live in a "free and open sharing" system?

    With AvePoint’s Cloud Governance, you can empower users to create Teams, Sites, and Groups in real-time, automatically protected by the policies and procedures required to ensure your most sensitive data is safe. From the very moment, a Microsoft 365 workspace is provisioned, it enters the lifecycle management process. Organizations can right-size their policies to ensure that provisioned assets have the correct classification, retention, metadata, and access controls in place from the outset. Going forward, workspace owners can also be automatically asked to review permissions and metadata and revise or confirm as necessary.


    Oversee configuration settings, membership, and ownership change requests, with the ability to delete, revert, or notify of unauthorized changes

    Improve data quality and speed up processes with automated, structured end-of-life processes that trigger alerts for potentially idle or irrelevant sites and content

    Ask workspace owners to explicitly confirm extending a workspace’s lease or flag it for managed disposition

    Easily enforce controls for sharing, permissions, membership, and configuration.

    Automate and monitor security policy enforcement

    By combining AvePoint’s Policies and Insights products your organization can easily enforce Microsoft 365 security rules and best practices while continuously monitoring and prioritizing action on your biggest risks. Get started by defining the rules for your organization from scratch or choosing from 30+ pre-loaded policies, including external sharing, ghost guest user detection, and Teams settings enforcement. Then measure your potential exposure with our out-of-the-box Risk Assessment Report that will summarize changes in your environment, as well as identify and prioritize high-risk action items that require immediate action.

    Automate and monitor security policy enforcement

    Automatically detect, notify, and revert configuration drift and security issues. We pull directly from Microsoft 365 data, so no need to worry about throttling issues.

    Prevent oversharing to external users and unauthorized changes on permissions or security settings

    Gain context from basic permissions reports by cross-referencing an item's Sensitive Information Type with historical audit logs


Blog: How to Align M365 Collaboration With Your Agency’s Zero Trust Architecture

The federal government issued an executive order that all federal entities must be using zero trust architecture by FY 2024. Learn what things you should consider while building out this new model. Read Blog


Achieve Microsoft 365 Collaboration Security within a Zero Trust Architecture


Products to support your Zero Trust initiatives

Cloud Governance

Implement an extensible Office 365 governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain and scales as your organization adopts to the cloud.

M365 Workspace Lifecycle Management


Insights help monitor Office 365 health, so you can easily identify who has access to sensitive data, whether they've accessed it, and if any external users pose a threat.

Centralize Sensitivity Labels


Policies make it easy to automate common rules for access, settings, and other configurations. Set white/black list policies, policies for external sharing, and more.

Enforce Policies Automatically


Reduce risk and set each admin user up with the service, function, and scope they need to get the job done.

Least-privileged model for admins

Cloud Records

Manage Microsoft 365 content and physical records together. Create and oversee classification schemes, as well as flexible retention and disposal rules.

Content Lifecycle Management


Simplify your users collaboration experience. Provide them with a one-stop-shop to all their Teams, Groups, Sites, and Communities, directly from Microsoft Teams.

A Streamlined Teams Experience