Boost performance & space

Unstructured data (or BLOBs) can potentially consume up to 95 percent of SQL Server storage. With DocAve Storage Manager, effectively mitigate content sprawl by easily implementing and enforcing BLOB externalization strategies throughout SharePoint’s lifecycle.

Maximum performance

Optimize SQL Server storage and increase platform performance by removing unstructured data from SQL databases

Storage cost reduction

Reduce SharePoint total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solutions

Maintain continuity

Provide end-users with uninterrupted access and interaction with externalized content, regardless of where it resides

Full-featured oversight

Protect and manage externalized content with SharePoint functions, third-party customizations, and other DocAve products

Ss Hybrid Storage Manager

Cost-saving SharePoint storage management

Reduce accumulating storage costs and optimize platform performance for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 with real-time or scheduled content externalization.

BLOB compression

Compress and encrypt the externalized BLOBs to reduce storage cost and protect BLOBs from unauthorized access

Alternate upload

Let end users upload alternate file types natively blocked by SharePoint and files that exceed SharePoint limitations

Additional scans

Examine and evaluate only content that’s been modified since the last scan for incremental externalization

Report dashboard

View SQL and optimized data comparisons, orphan stub/BLOB details, and alternate file details within a selected scope

Data comparison

Compare optimized data against data found in SQL Server content databases

Content restore

Through one click, restore content from BLOB storage to the original SharePoint content database, with stubs included

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